Creator Communicates

Have you heard the saying, “G-d’s ways are not our ways?” Well, I beg to differ.  G-d has to use our levels to get through to us and we in turn can get through to Him by using our levels. We have all kinds of ways to communicate with each other; speech, writing, audio and visual communication systems and the Creator uses them all.  We fail to listen for Him.  Does that mean a big, booming voice? Well….maybe, but what I’m getting at is us.  If you’re reading a book, the Creator might just use the written word to enlighten you to an answer you’re looking for, something as simple as, “Will it rain tomorrow? or  Will my mother-in-law’s visit this weekend be a success?” (Weather reports are not accurate and spousal plans….).  Someone can be talking to you or to someone else and there He is, trying to give you a special message just by using someone’s words.  Sometimes the Creator will smack you with a visual. Slam! In your face! Whoa! “Hey! Thanks BIG GUY!” The BIG problem is we don’t listen or watch for His messages. The more you’re aware of it, the better it becomes. The Creator’s advice is FREE. He actually communes with us through our own thoughts.  I’ll often stop short and scream in my head, “You let me know and I didn’t follow the advice.” First thoughts are usually the right thoughts.  Second-thinking yourself doesn’t work.  Can you argue with Him and not get struck by lightening? SURE!  I argue with the Creator all the time and He enjoys it, but you know something, He’s right 100% of the time.   The Creator is perfect and all good.  It’s not disobedience to not follow His advice.  We don’t have to take His advice or suggestions. You can do things your way, that doesn’t always make it wrong. Here’s a simple example: One morning I checked the temperature with the local news channel and it was about 45 degrees. O.K. I’m not taking my hat. The thought occurred to me to take it anyway; I might need it later. (Now that was Him)  I did not pay attention, arguing that it’s a nice sunny day.  Wouldn’t you know it, the wind picked up and the temperature started dropping about two hours later. Boy did I wish I had put a hat in my carryall.  I did not really need it, but it would have made things a lot more comfortable. Another example: The thought occurred to pick up some milk on the way home, I was all out.(That’s Him) My thought was, tomorrow’s shopping day, I’ll pick it up tomorrow.  Well, an emergency came up and I couldn’t shop that day.  Now I was without milk two nights in a row. You starting to understand?  I try like mad to live G-d’s life, but you know I’m human….stubborn, advice resistant.  Just keep at it and you’ll start to chuckle. Start simple, try to catch His/Your thought, then become aware of the written word and the spoken word…and of course pictures…G-d loves visuals.  One last piece of advice…If you’re feeling down give the great Comedian permission to humorize your head. Just whisper at HIM, “I need a smile, I need a laugh.”  I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Regarding the First’s attitude towards marijuana…….
The Almighty, the Supreme, the First prefers if we eat the flowers of canabis (weed) and not smoke it.  However, here’s the catch (Ha! Ha!)…. Canabis(marijuana/weed) is an advanced flora.  When we smoke this delightful gift, it sends its cremation back to us and we have to filter the cremation.  This is that “down” feeling.  Feelings of tiredness occur because brain activity is increased and the energy required for this increases to the brain.  It is best to smoke a couple hours before bedtime or when we have no activities.  The desire for sweets is simply the body’s quick response to replace energy.  Try to train your “munchies” towards more healthy, energy producing foods.  Most people tend to smoke too much at one time.  Train yourself to take two or three “puffs” or “hits”.  You’ll end up with more benefits and more “pot”.  Marijuana is not tobacco. Stop “smoking” it like a cigarette unless you smoke cigarettes.  If you are really “stressed out” then use it daily, but try to save this “pleasure” and “comforter” and “relaxer” for weekends.  Learn to handle your “stress” during the week and remind your brain that the weekend is “around the corner”.  Alcohol and marijuana do not mix well in the brain and can cause harmful side affects.  Choose one or the other.  Don’t drink “grain” alcohol.  It is very bad for the human system and the Almighty does not approve of it.  He gave us the fruit of the vine-use it.  Whatever you choose, the Almighty approves!!


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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