THERE ARE REGULAR UPDATES ON THIS POST.  Evertime you read this your head will give you a diferent reading.
Howzitgoin?      A word to the wise.     Everything is hunkydory.    Wait a minute.    Just a second.     Woops.    Whoopsydaisy.     Up the creak without a paddle.     Nothing doing.     Tell me again.      Oh!For Pete’s sake.     Up the chimney without a stack.      Your goose is cooked.   If that doesn’t beat all.    I’m pooped.    Let ‘er rip.    I’m gonna read you the riot act.    Shiver me timbers and blow me down.     Schnickelpuss.     Oh! My aching back.     I’m gonna run to the store.      Be right back.     Moocher!      Will wonders never cease.     Are you done?     Are you gonna wait till the cows come in?     Get a life!     Don’t snap my head off.     You’re spewing nonsense.      You vant to take a schmekl in my rose garden?     An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.     The pits.     Somewhere down the pike.     Hold that thought.     Holy rollers!     Saved by the bell.     Thank my lucky stars.     Shemena Hemena.     I’m in hot water.     You chickened out.     Chicken!!       Say your prayers.     You ain’t got a prayer in heaven.     Not on your life.     Drop dead.     By the beard of the prophet.  What’s the big idea?!   Oh!My Gosh!  I’m a nervous wreck!   Get smashed.   Numbskull.    Harem Skarem.      Dunce.    High falutin’ ways.    PU.   KP.    IOU.    Nerd.    I’m in no mood.    Hum drum.    You must be joking.    Just biding my time.     Puttering around.     Ding dong.    Off the wall.   Blithering idiot.    Fool!    You missed the whole thing.    Pow! Zoom!     Oh! Scream!       Picky!Picky!Picky!      What’s good for the gander should be good for the goose.      Stick to the subject at hand.     You wanna go to Boston?    Watch your step.     You, on the other hand.      Pay attention!     Oh! Sweet Jesus.    When is this blessed event going to happen?     How the hell are ya?    I’m a wreck!   You’re a total wreck!      Going around in circles.    Running ahead of myself.    Gotchya!   Holy cow!     Gee whiz!     Geez!     Lucky stiff.      By the hairs of my chinny chin chin.     By the hairs of your ancestors.     Friggin’ jealous!    Twowhozits.    That’s the way the cooky crumbles.    You just put your foot in your mouth.      Mums the word.    Stiff as a board.    Tongue-tied.    Tickle my fancy.     Well, blow me down.    Bite your tongue.   Gimme.    Who asked you?     Suit yourself.    Wait a cotton pickin’ minute.    Good nite nurse.  Eons ago.   Fighting tooth and nail.    Hanging on for dear life.    What a shame.    Hot foot.    Oh! Nothing!   Out in orbit.   Keep abreast of the situation.   Great caesars ghosts.    Now, now, boys and girls.   Shindig!   You think money grows on trees?   She’s gonna chew him out.   By gum!   Lucy Goosey!    Ignoramus!   He’s not in.   You missed the whole show!   Bozo!    Whammy!   Are you people O.K.?   Stinky!   I beg your pardon.   Zonked.   Tie one on.   Party hearty hardy.   DUMDARUMDUM!    Take an aspirin and call me in the morning.   Oh! Brother!    Get these people out of here.   Yuck!  Blow your nose.   Likely story.  Likely excuse.   Haphazard.   Humpday.   Keep your shirt on.   Sour puss.   Heads are gonna roll.    Right away!   Dude.   Flipped your lid.   Teetolar.   Synchronize.   I stand corrected.   Who are these people?   What on Earth is wrong with you people?   Cut the dramatics.   Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.   I haven’t felt this rotten since I died.   On the sly.   Woe is me.   Don’t give me grief.   Pudgy.   Portly.   Let me tell you.   Just a smidge.   What in blazes do you think you’re doin’?   You are absolutely stark, raving mad.   Whashappenin’?   How true.   Something’s afoot.   You have anymore flies up your skirt?   Join the party.  Join the club.   Stop learing at me.   Boy! How time flies.   Clam up.     Let’s flip a coin; heads or tails I win.   Gabidge.   Down in the dumps.   I needed that like a hole in the head.  Something’s amiss.   Stop the antics.   I highly suggest you bring things to a grinding halt/standstill.   I’ll be there in short order.   Slow boat to China.    23 skidoo.   jelly belly.      Eavesdropping.   You mean I have to sit here and listen to this?    I’ve never tasted anything this good!    And dinkle was his name.   Prunes!   I’m gonna go home and konk out.   My head’s spinning.   Sounds good.   Saki to me.   I’m gonna keel over.    Half a brain.    Git along little doggy.   You’re one of those.   Fiddlesticks!   As I live and breathe.   Grab.   That’s impossible!    Shocking.   Frickedy,frackedy!   And the winner is….    Speedy McGreedy.   Just a regular riot.   shnookums.   dahlink.   roll ’em.   n’er do well.   Here we go.   Yas um.    Belly laugh.   Is that so?   Why don’t you climb into your head and become nebulous.  Are you for real?  Heck if I know.   Snoop.  Oh!Cod.   I have a haddock.   Squirmy-wormy.   Throw out the baby with the bath.  Zoob! Zoobers.   Without further ado… Lickety split.   What am I gonna do with you?   Fracus.  Cuss!  Keep your pants on.  Barking up the wrong tree.  Boogers!  Guttersnipe.  What is the meaning of this?!  How COULD you?  Cahoots!  Papoose.  Runs a tight ship.  Be there in a flash.  Get on the band wagon.  Basket case.  What’s his/her face?  BUT WHY?!  We made out like bandits.  Pissy.  Meany.  Hang me on a cat’s tail.  Gimme.  I’m gonna blow your head off!  Urchins.  Stacked.  Watch your mouth.  Mr.Eager.  Mr. Hopeful. Turd.  You missed.  Sqwuok box.  Fat head.  Huh?  Hullabulloo.  I’m gonna mop the floor with you.  Look at the time.  EEP.  rectum.  Uranus.  the runs.  Reconnoiter.  Addled.  Glory be.  What on Earth?  Have a nice flight. They’re ganging up on me.   The very idea!  Look what the cat dragged in.  Look what the wind blew in.  What a mess!  What do want?-A medal.  You deserve a medal.  Have you lost your marbles?  I’m on a diet.  Famous last words.  Doo,doo. Doggie doo.  Pee,pee.  Loo,loo.  Wee,wee.  Tinkle.  No.2.  Barf.  There’s nothing to eat in this house.  Hoopla.  Jeepers Creepers.  Where didya get those peepers?  Great Scott!  I haven’t a leg to stand on.  Is this your first time?  I’m well ensconced.  Don’t start with me.  Flatulence.    Humongous.  Tighty whitey.  HEEEELP!   Pssst.  Yowl.  Whatchamacallit.  I beg your pardon.  The shoe’s on the other foot.  Puke.  A whole mess of ’em. What do you want?-bells, trumpets, chimes?  Upstart.   Foul play.  Don’t preach at me.  I didn’t see that coming.  Just a tad.  Shirk your duty.  Squirt.  Rub your face in the dirt.  Rub you out.  Stiff.  You good for nothing.   Soooo…   But wait! There’s more!  You need a good spanking.  Boors.  Unkempt.  Dirtbag.  Down the golf hole without a gopher.  Scum.  Fat chance.  Whadya say about my mother?  You wanna wager?  Get a move on.  Vanished.  Obsess.  Quip.  Queenie.  Whada dike!  Oh, ye of little faith.  Will wonders never cease?   Eureka.  Brats.  What will they think of next?  Devil take the man.  T minus one second.  Sho nuf.  TELEphOOOne!  What a cut up.  What’s the point?  Hold your horses.  Neigh.  Giddyap.  Stop scaring the living daylights out of me.  Forsooth.  Don’t just stand there, do something.  Indeed.  Wrassle.  Unhinged.  Do tell.  Keep a civil tongue in your head.  Promises! Promises!  Another day on the farm.  Tut! Tut!  Lordy, Lordy, Lordy! Oh! Lordy, Lordy!  Has no sense.  But, Ma!  Stah-p!  Narly.  Darn.   That’s a mighty strong potion.  Mighty fine.  Mighty good.  Mighty powerful.  Care to sit on my cactus?  Chip off the old block.  Cut to the quick.  Chatterbox.  Nailed!  Consolation food.  Blow me down!  The baby pooped his hole mommy.  Dough.  Mullah.  Bread.  Bucks.  A roll.  But NO!  Pickled brains.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  Have you lost your mind?  What’s the big idea?  No rest for the weary.  You can’t have any.  What’s wrong witch you?  I’m good to go.   Isn’t that a fact?  PIG!  Shoot the breeze.  Jibber, jabber.  Who let the cat out of the bag?  With those bags under your eyes you can go grocery shopping.  I’m gonna squash you.   Bend my arm.  I’ve lived my whole life on a string.  Tied to be fit.  Set the prisoners free.  I’ll eat my hat.  Now if that doesn’t beat all.   Go jump in the lake.  Toot.  Money is no object.  Tardy.  Tawdry.  Humdinger.  Horse sense.  And now?  Nab him.  And further more….  Spinster.  Noodle.  Think tank.  Wound up.  Winding down.  Howz a body supposed to sleep around here?  Ridiculous!  Wuss.  Beddy-bye.  Spill the beans.  Helter skelter.  Melt down.  Down the hatch.  Tongue in cheek.  That is phenomenal!  There’s two sides to every coin.  Don’t lick your fingers.  She was in the saddle all night.  Loaded.  Finicky.  Bottomless pit.  Mean slab of ribs.  Doink.  S.O.B.  Go fly a kite.  Off the wall.  Barreling right along.  You’re gonna be in a heep o trouble.  What the boss says, goes!  Nothin’ doin.  Mr. Slick.  The suspense is killing me.  Crackpot.  What’s with YOU?  I’m on the verge of tears.  Stop being such a ding dong.  You go to the head of the class.  Don’t beat aroung the bush.  sodr.  gumption.  For real?!  As old as the hills.  Run for the hills.  Plop.  You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.  Howd you get my number?  Tit for tat.  Don’t make promises you can’t keep.  Jumpin’ Jehosaphats!  Hit the deck!  Fatso.  jog your memory.  A tunaday.  A face only a mother can love.  Batten down the hatches.  Silly goose.  Make it an even seven.  Make it an even dozen.  Many hands make light work.(what about a darkened room?)  Easy come, easy go.  Weakness is the strength of another.  Health is wealth.  Snigger.  What a pip.  Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  High five!  The PoPo.  Shenanigans.  Ticked-off.  Flabberghasted!  Raucous laughter.  Hunkered down.  Slam! Bam!  Hits you like a ton of bricks.  Gingham.  Clatter to the floor.  Snafu.  I’m dead serious.  Almost.  Sort of.  Kind of.  Repeat after me.  Bite me.  Don’t move a muscle.  Snatch.  I’m putting my foot down.  Stamp of approval.  What’s that smug look on your face?  That’s the last straw.  My rabbits will feast on your corpse.  The s—s gonna hit the fan.  Hit the books.  Bite your tongue.  I’m going out to take my constitution.  BS.  chugalug.  hobknobbing.  toodleloo.  old geezer.  spitouy.  blubberbust.  Take a long walk off a short pier.  Oompah!  Opa!   Hiss!  Oh! My Gawd!  Sooo Whaaaat!  Sunday driver!  Human trash.  You’re taxing my strength.  tattle tail.  Hunya Bunya.  Honey Bunny.  You’re gambling your life away.  The die is cast.  Run for your lives.  Now you come?!  Hold the wire.  Here we are!  Buzz off.  Young whippersnapper.  Uuuunnccllle!!   Sharp as a tack.  No cussin!  Spring has sprung.  A bit of a chill.  Way down yonder.  Stop hollerin’!  I need to go.  How much longer?  Attenhut!  Ready or not, here I come.  You’re being paged.  Par for the course.  Boondoggles.  A fair shake.  O.K. Buddy.  Hey!Buster!  Eew!  What in Sam Hill do you think you’re doing?  Don’t move!  Cwackers.  Hang-ups.  happily everafter.  Gosh!  Smirk.  Bills!  Bills!Bills!  Rip ’em up.  I’m gonna rip you apart.  Sinner!  Jesus!  People!People!People!   Who died and made you boss?  Sit there and be quiet!  Close the window already!  I’m gonna hold my breath till I’m died.  Your name is MUD.  Earthling.  Suffer the consequences.  Grrr!  I’ll be there.  Weisenheimer.  Jog the memory.  Nervous wreck.  Drekitude.  DREK!  Wacked out.  skosh.  in a heap o trouble.
Don’t hold your breath.  Yammer.  bleary-eyed.  good for nothing.  screwball.  shadduuppp!  shut up!  Go soak your head.  Chilluins and chittlins.  Wedgy.  Hankering for something?  Keep it down.  Sniffleshnozer.  Sheesh.  Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.(HA!)  You have ants in your pants?  Antsy.  Bleep!  Pack your bags;  we’re outa here!  Hurry UUUp!  Thingamajig.  Pig out!  Make a bet?!  Neither here nor there.  Because….  Because why?  Just because!  brainteaser.  gossip!  I’ve got a few bones to pick with you.(This one’s really ancient)  Buddy-boy!  Why don’t you pick yourself up, put yourself in a bag, and take yourself out to the trash bin.  You’ve got a hole in your head.  Stickler.  hinterland.  Siberia.  Don’t sit on the couch and spit on the ceiling.  rattle trap.  rust box.  heap.  Try that on for size.  The early bird catches the worm.  Buy one, get one free.  Waste not, want not.  A penny saved is a penny earned.  ANYBODY HOME!  What’s shakin’.  In the meantime…  Life goes on. By the grace of G-d, there I be.  A little long in the tooth.   Stop pointing.  Stop staring.  They’re gonna throw you in the slammer.  They’re gonna send you up the river.  You’re gonna go live in the big house.  The clink.  Hem and haw.  Class act.  Knocked-up.  One in the oven.  Pinch a loaf.  Tickle my funny bone.  Bend my arm.  You’re pulling my leg.  I plum forgot.  The upshot is…  Arms akimbo.  Put on your thinking cap.  Be my guest.  LULUBELLE!  If my memory serves me correctly…  Have you taken leave of your senses?  Bamboozled!  What are you waiting for, kingdom come?  I’ll be there with bells on.  The postman always rings twice.  Balderdash!  Free of charge!  I have to skedaddle.  I never laughed so hard in my life.  Highway robbery.  born looser.  Haven’t a leg to stand on.  Now see here!  rubbish.  beat the crap out of you.  more screwed up than a hogs tail.  We better scram.  Scum.  What did you say Rosey?  Dress to kill.  Thank heavens for small favors.  What’s in the bag?  Glad you asked.  Curiosity killed the cat.  Well! I’ll be darned!  You’re darn tootin’!  Put your foot in your mouth.  Big Bertha! Hold the phone!  A sight for sore eyes.  Spit in your shoe and take a walk.  Noodnick.  Nevermind!  Scaredy cat!    What on Earth for?  You know where you can go!  If the puinishment fits, wear the glove!  SNIGGER! Take a gander.  I thought you’ld never ask.  Brewhaha!  Old battle axe.  Say something.  Flew the coop.  Now there’s a novel idea.  Simmer down!  Whadda pisser!  He’s got something up his sleeve.  Just goes to show…  Last one in is a rotten egg.  “BLOODY MURDER!”  Sitting pretty.  Paying lip service.  Do you mind?!  Peculiar.  Askance.  Tah Dah!  oogle-ogle.  Home is where the heart is.  Better late than never.  Don’t step on the cracks.  Malcontent.  Crime doesn’t pay.  In the nick of time.  TEMPER! TEMPER!  You don’t have to snap my head off.  Mortified.  General Uproar.  Jim-dandy!  I’ld like to hang him on a yardarm.  But still and all…  Go fly a kite.  hankering.  Shoobidoo.  despite your face.  You know.  I wasn’t born yesterday.  You have to get up pretty early to fool the cows.  Cripe.  Skinflint.  You laid an egg.  Use your noggin.  doing a spanking business.  Landsakes, child!  Wild horses couldn’t drag it out of me.  Like hell you will!  Ah! There’s the rub.  Yup!  Mind your own bees’ wax!  ball of wax.  Criminy!  Keel over.  Are you outta your cotton pickin’ mind!  Pardon me for living.  What an operator!  BLABBERMOUTH!  Tish Tosh.  Pish Posh.  In stitches.  Pleasingly plump.  Whatr you babbling about?   thrilled to pieces.  That’s a tall order.  Check your ticker.  You’re loaded.  hang your head in shame.  hooligan.  up your alley.  rabblerouser.  meathead.  hothead.  He’s got birds nesting in his head.  You have cerebral inhibitors. Knothead. I do declare!  You had me hanging on for an eternity!  That’s the way the ball bounces.  Rise n’ Shine!   Hangin’ around.  Hang in there.  Hang out.  Slow as molasses.  Yapping!  Flipped!  Shoo!  logical explanation.  get to the bottom of this.  naked as a jaybird.  Hurry back now!  SHUSH!  you ninny!  hocus pocus.  knackered.  Don’t rock the boat.  I should break your neck.  You not only look like a fool, you talk like one.  …and whose bright idea was this?  nitwit!  old fuddy duddy.  I swear on a stack of bibles.  nutsoes.  Low down, good for nothing, rotten, down-load neighbors.  new glasses?                 You lousy so and so.  there goes the ship.  When were you born, yesterday?  I got carried away.  Not in a million years did I think…  Who said?  I don’t need comments from the peanut gallery.  Is that so?  Curls the hair.   Let’s get the show on the road.  got wind of it.  pie-eyed.  May you die a thousand deaths and distance yourself.  jump for joy!  Are you deaf?!   swift kick in the pants!  carrying on like there’s no tomorrow.  dead as a doornail.
Well, why not?  Shake a leg.  Now, now, simmer down.  You sound like a broken record.  cut a rug.  rip up the floor.  Bulldozed.  Scram!  South of the equator.  Scalped.  around the clock.  stomping around.  Go climb a mountain.  Go drown in the ocean.  Keep your eyes open.  Driving me batty.  on the other side of the tracks. run helter skelter.  put your money where your mouth is.  Keep abreast of the situation.  Keep on top of it.  Lend a hand.  Costs a fortune.  ruffian.  by the living jingo.  squish.  clunker.  clunk-head.  …just goes to show!  You lost your marbles.  Casing the joint.  clomp around.  May you faint under your camel’s breath.  phoey!  h-wat?  BINGO!  rocks in your head.  tiff.  Who’s on the horn?  Will you button your face?!  CREEP!  rise to the occasion.  small world.  Everything is not up to snuff.  Hoz everthing?  Speedy Gonzales.    There’s more than one fish in the ocean.    Stark raving mad!  The old windbag!  HONESTAGOD!  None of your beeswax!  Right up my alley.  Maybe they’ll save your skin.  May you trip on a rock and fall on your face.  Cat got your tongue?  Have your head examined.  You want me to spell it out?  I didn’t sleep a wink.  Blow it out your ear.   Go smell your dog’s butt and mind your own business.  You spoke too soon.  That baby aint goin nowhere.  Ha!Ha! Yokes on you.  spiffy.  cock-eyed.  Take your mouth and disappear over the lip of the horizon.  Why don’t you take a walk and drop off the edge of the world.  Whoopdedoo!  A fickle pickle.  May the moon gaze upon you before the clouds cover the sun.  dunder-head.  May you be in heaven one hour before the devil knows you’re dead.  KAPUT!  BLARNEY!  Who’s gonna run the ship?  Piece of cake!  back on the ranch.  raunchy laughter.  Go join your ancestors.    Go stand behind my horse.  Go move your donkey.  What did I just do!!? Flocking flies!  Count your eggs before they hatch.  Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.  fire in the roof and ice in the furnace.  Why don’t you get lost on the Appalachian Trail?  What is your problem?!  right off the bat.  words on the sly.  Why don’t you crawl back in your mother’s womb and disappear?  Put it in the hopper.  Conceived during the lion’s winter.  Scoot down!  clumsy oaf!  blooming idiot.  thick as pea soup.  gets my oats.  bunch of crock! Huh, what?! kerphlumphed.  Keep it down.   Glory be and Hallelujah!  You don’t say! Fine and dandy.  fiddle-faddle.  Cretin!  Steady as she goes.  You lousy so ans so.  Thems fighting words.  Very funny, shylock.  What am I doing?  Marry me!  Piddle.  Scared the living daylights out of me.  I gave her the slip.  Listen! Tweethead!  Play it again, Sam.  Gungho!  Blast it all!  Get your paws off me.  A wheel’s missing.  Filthy, low-down swamp slime.  Why don’t you jump over the moon and crisp in the sun?  Anymore bright ideas? out of the closet.  Wish I were dead!  Why don’t you buy a hacienda on Pluto and wait for disintegration?  Only time will tell.  I wouldn’t go in there to save my Mama!  Slaving over a hot stove.  Shave and a haircut, two bits.  How fare you?  Faretheewell!  ignoramus.  bird brain.  Why don’t you climb a mountain and jump off?  the last leg.  Still in one piece.  You missed a spot.  Shuffle off to Buffalo. St. Jude never gives up.  Pedalling to the front.  Big goings-on!  Oh! Baby.  My baby.  Hi! Baby. Why don’t you go swing in the trees?  The good old days!  Open up in the name of the law!  A Hasbeen!  Horse of a different color.  Horse of a different feather.  That’s a tall order!  EEKING out an existence.  Why don’t you tie your shoelaces together and take a walk?  Hopping mad!  SLOUGH-OFF!  Pray, tell.  Big goings on.  No peeking!  panty waste(military expression).  Why don’t you fall on your face and re-arrange the floor?  Potty Mouth!  The bigger half!  Spin your wheels.  ZIP!  Zipping around.  ZILCH!  Nada!  BIG FAT LIAR!  I’m gonna wipe the floor with you.  scrape you off the floor.  planted the seed.  Stick an asteroid on it.  Why don’t you go step in a bear trap?  Saved by the bell.  In your face!  Hey Stupid! Face the music.  Say your prayers.  The greasy spoon.  Takideasy!  Make a mental note.  Telling stories out of school.  Bringing tales from home.  None the worse for wear.  I WANT TO BE THE FIRST TO SHAKE YOUR HAND!  By the hairs of my chinny chin chin.  fess-up.  start out on the right foot.  left behind.  right behind you.  blow the whistle.  eat my hat.  eat my shoe.  just what the doctor ordered.  chomping at the bit.  raring to go.  Make a mental note of it.  It hasn’t seen the end of it.  Lost my train of thought.  When push comes to shove..  Up n’ at ’em!  You don’t know the half of it!  Where did YOU go to school?  Smart alec!  That’s ridiculous!  Get thee hence.  Hodgepodge.  You old dog!  Count your lucky stars.  Make a bet?!  Stupefied!  Barking up the wrong tree.  If the shoe fits, wear it.  EGADS!  Sitting on the edge.  Trollop.  Not by a long shot!  Small fries.  basso-relievo.  By the dog of Egypt!  SCHWATZER(talker).  Gospel truth.  Rule of thumb.  Dag blasted.  Not bad, if I say so myself.  That’s about the gyst of it.  If that doesn’t take the pot?!  Wise guy!  Bite your tongue.  Egg me on.  Oi! Gevault!  For crying out loud!  Sowing seeds of strife.  When all is said and done. Small fries.  Behooves.  May you drown in ant pee.  Hold your tongue.  Dying on the vine.  I’m not at liberty to divulge the secret.  You want a one-way ticket to mars?  Busom buddies.  Telling stories out of school.  shaded statement.  No pun intended.***Brow-beating.  hip.  Strumpet!  Born for sedation.  Mamby-Pamby!  Wherv you been?  You’re gonna be in hot water.  Nobody bothers to see the whole picture.  Nuke black.  Let me cry for you.  What’s going on here?!  It’s just water off a duck’s back.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.  Well, we’re down to the raw bone.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  Rise n’ shine! Hankering.  Never in my born days.  Ring on rye!  Spacing-out!  piece of cake!  highly unlikely!  green around the gills.  That’s the last straw. Gezunta-Hey! Snackered!  Not the brightest candle on the cake! Ah!Nuts!  Smarty pants.  Helter skelter.  Adding insult to injury.  wishy washy.  chew the fat. schtick. might as well.
Horse figs. Lex talionis.  bonkers.  even steven.  tongue lashing.  A “grin and bear it” accident.  Goes without saying.  Truly.  Really.  Honest.  Not kidding.  Stab in the dark.  Read them the riot act.  No-brainer. Hustle. Holy cow!  Love nibbles. a good dressing down. single digit I.Q.  Scram!  Tired as a bed bug in the morning.  There’s a sucker born every minute!  Worthless wretch!  You hit the nail on the head.  Snap out of it!  The main drag.  self-seizure.  What the devil.  Tweety-pie.  Sweety-pie.  Shlemiel.  Shlemazel.  Shnook.  When the dog’s away, the cats don’t work. One more for posterity.  Good heavens!  Out of my mind! Name your price! Cheery-boom!  short a few sandwiches.  UMPTEEM.  shenanigans.  tightwad.  86.  Time clot.  Slap me silly.  Terror of Terra.  What in tarnation!…  You know something?  Let’s get the show on the road!  DUNNO.  Shady character.  Got a bead on you.  Dead as a door nail!  Hot foot!  Stealing my thunder!!  Squeaky clean.  Face the music!  Can’t lift a finger.   Get your come upance.  Spilling the beans.  Spare me.  Stopped cold. Stock still.  Knock yourself out! Lo and behold!  Holy moly!  Lit up like a Christmas Tree!  His nibs.  Antsy.  pie-eyed.  talking out of a buzz saw.  shopping spree. skip town.  All steamed-up!  Pow! Zoom!  …at this stage of the game.  Ate-up the profits.    Pep talk.  drinking ahead.  darn tootn’. huffy!  out of sorts. down pat.  painting myself into a corner. Let me take a wild guess! No comments from the peanut gallery!  Let’s see what I can rustle-up.  Damsel in distress.  For lamb’s sake!  What are you waiting for, doomsday?!  What’s eating you?! Where is that?! What did I do with it?!  Who knows!  new fangled notions.  Shazam!  Attaboy!  Blow a gasket.  Featherhead.  Getting all out of shape again.  Nincompoop!  Oh! My goodness!  Snap out of it!  You’re a lucky dog!  craning your neck.  bright as a child!  drivel.  Cut it out!  sound reason.  peels of laughter.  in a tizzy.  little urchins.  little tykes.  beating my brains out!  Don’t start with me!  train of thought.  Don’t you people know anything!  smasharoo! shroomed!  in any case….  giving me a song and dance.  Haven’t the foggiest!  work for peanuts.  Hot-Dang!  Hot-diggity!  Noives. noivous.  noives.  Knumbnut.  Soyv the pizza.  Let’s not mince words. (I love to mince words!) Just follow your nose.  Rempty!  Going nowhere fast.  Chick. two left feet.  trigger happy. Touch and Go.  You must be joking!  tippy-toe.  How the hell are you?  How the hell you feeling?  Hot as hell.  To hell with it!  Where the hell are you?  raising cane.  Why the hell not? You think money grows on trees?  Whatchumacallit.  SCRAM.  Get lost.  Happy landings.  Riff Raff.  A little R & R.  Stop egging me on!  chip on the shoulder.  joshing.  stock still.  assbrain.  No way Jose!  Helluvalot!  Hanging around for no reason at all.  Get your ass in gear!  That will stay there till next Christmas.  Dunno.  local yokels.  shrapnel eye.  Eat your heart out.  Wild horses couldn’t drag me over there.  Dang it all.  You’ve got some nerve!  catch-22 situation.  We’re not crossing the river till we get to the bank.  Sheesh!  Barf it out your ears.  Tough luck, Charley!  New turn of events.  How the hell should I know?!  chip on the shoulder.  Learn yourself.  smash.  Way to go!  Throttle him!  Step on it.  Get on the horn. *** Don’t let the ship sink.  Nitwit.  That’s a tall order.  I’m pulling your leg.  bottom pot pie.  Check it out.  Undies.  You betch your bippy!  Monkey see, monkey do.  Plum loco.  Hump Day!  A real doozy.  Tah dah!  Haven’t seen neither hide nor hair of them.  X marks the spot.  Make it snappy! … and the twain shall never meet.  I don’t know you from a hole in the wall.  a whole half a pizza. Crickey!  blow your stack.  blow the top.  steam your ears.  raise the roof.  run helter skelter.  run amok.  I’ll be back in a jiffy.  hoity-toity.  Dang if I know.  What’s with you?  Rah! Rah! Rah!  Gosh golly!  smattering of applause.  Awe shucks.  Make no bones about it.  Steady as she goes.  Dead float.  as I live and breathe.  Hit the road.  Buck naked.  Never in my born days!  What’s all the hub-bub?  Off your rocker!  Act your age! (Don’t act your age. Wrong advice.)  I’m going down with the ship!  Blow me down and hang me on a rusty nail.  Skedaddle!  Live and let live.  Hair-brain scheme.  Don’t give me a song and dance.  “Really! It’s right there in the paper!”  inbetwixt and inbetween.  falling apart at the seams.  head-spinner.  Having a cow.  Sqwuak.  bolster the ego.  You’ve been seceding your whole life.  egg on the face.  Noodnick!  size up the situation.  a whole bunch of everybodies(nobodies).  Bubble-maker.  short a few stairs.  Heebee Jeebees!  Thick as thieves.  Fit to be tied. Happy landings! smidgeon.  Lemmee know.  Do you want a fat lip?  ZOUNDS!turns my blood cold.  tickled pink.  on pain of death.  Well, anyway, to make a long story short…  Earthoid.  sweet tooth.  Dog gone-it!  US people.  Take you to the cleaners!…  Mind over matter.  The whole project was foiled.  YOWZA!  KEEN!  NEATO!  Whim of knowledge.  Do I look like I’m made out of money?  Come hell or high water…  I wish I were dead!  Pleased as punch!  Down the hatch.  Beats the hell out of me!  No more Mr. Nice Guy!  Yellow Belly.  Let’s get the show on the road!  Like a fish out of water.  Caught you red-handed.  Knock it off!  Can’t see fer beans!  Pencil it in.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  I saw you out of the corner of my eye.  Hash it out.  Tiddly-winks.  Straight from the heart.  Button your hatch.  Have a heart.  When’s the hanging?  D-Day!  tossing your cookies.  lost his cookies.  BUMMER!  Fancy meeting you here.  Fly farts.  Tut! Tut! Tut!  Fine and dandy!  lip wig. Tickled pink. Lo and behold! turkey turds.  Clumsy ox!  sob story.  bust in the bazoo!  split lip!  Knucklehead!  lickety split.  stiff upper lip.  What’s your beef?  feather in the cap.  in the doldrums.  crying shame.  buckle down.  poopsie.  ZOUNDS!  bashi-bazouk.  bull eggs.  laughing up a storm.  sticks out like a sore thumb.  t’aint an easy job.  Gonna have your hide!  Blooming idiot!  Rots -o -Ruck.  In the nick of time.  A living dog is better off than a dead lion.  Can’t have your cake and eat it too.  That’s for me to know and for you to find out!  The suspense is killing me!  Nifty.  Right down to the nitty-gritty.  Bite your tongue.  No sooner said than done.  Bloody murder!   Rub ’em out.   pig out.   Hit the deck.   Taking candy from the baby.    nitwit.    knocking around.  Jewish penicillin.  Your goose is cooked.  I’m gonna fix your wagon.  You’re dead Sam!  Yackety-Yak-Yak.  Blow chunks.  Cut the cheese.  I’m gonna have your hide! post haste.  ill-favored wind.  I smell a cat in the hat!  Be a good egg.   slap yourself silly.   not in my book….  perish the thought.   Pudding head.  helter skelter.  I’m going to fix your wagon!  I don’t believe my ears!  The oak does not fall at the first blow.   KAPUT!  Dunno.   Will wonders never cease.  Betch your bippy.  Case closed!  She has taken leave of her senses!  Ding-a-ling.  If the shoe fits, wear it.  GIMME!   Follow your nose.   Hardy – Har – Har!  Twaddle.   It’s a knee slapper!  You old bag of tricks, you always have something up your sleeve.  Choke the tongue out of you.  HARUMPH!

Dear Globules:  Forgive me if I repeat myself.  I really must take the time at some point and edit this post.  Thanks for your patience.


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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