snot=it is not, it’s not   READ THESE OUT LOUD!

snot good.   snot bad.   snot nice.   snot raining.   snot snowing.   snot nice weather.   snot gonna happen.   snot hot.   snot cold.   snot likely.   snot showing.   snot ready.   snot gonna be a good day.   snot gonna work out.   snot up to you.   snot a good idea.   snot interesting. snot windy.   snot gonna start.   snot a bad idea.   snot it.   snot a nice car.   snot a nice outfit.   snot a nice person.(ha!ha!U missed!)   snot even funny.   snot in the cards.   snot meant to be.    snot gonna make a difference.    snot my cup of tea.   snot gonna hurt.   snot a winner.    snot in heaven.    snot heavy.   snot gonna bother me.    snot a kosher restaurant.    snot his style.    snot a tradition.    snot the right color.    snot a military matter.    snot the location.    snot the one I was thinking about.    snot the president.    snot heaven.    snot the tie.    snot the baby’s fault.    snot working.    snot my fault.    snot the word I was looking for.    snot the end of the world.    snot the recipe.    snot your business.  snot a nice house.    snot a nice car.    snot on the window sill.    snot gonna taste good.  snot on the wall.    snot the time.    snot gonna make it stand up straight.    snot gonna stand up.    snot the complaint department.    snot a letter.      snot what you think.  snot what I expected.    snot a bad job.    snot on time.    snot a vacation.    snot the right person.  snot what I was expecting.    snot the way I like it.    snot a nice guy.    snot in my favor. snot a winner.    snot my day.    snot the way it happened.     snot my idea.    snot for everyone.    snot for everybody.    snot a bad place.    snot in the city.    snot a nice couple.  snot the most pleasant person.    snot working.    snot your turn.
snot yours.    snot allowed.    snot the right doctor.    snot a bother.    snot in the way.    snot the right time.    snot on the ground.    snot our yard.     snot stolen.    snot a joke.
snot in my favor.     snot cigarettes.     snot an easy situation.     snot important.    snot Kevin.     snot the right attitude.     snot a bad mark.     snot an apology.     snot easy.       snot funny.      snot all yours.     snot the building.     snot a match.     snot that old.     snot my concern.     snot supposed to do that.     snot the right thing to do.    snot the right number.    snot my baby.     snot a party.     snot in the air vent.     snot home.     snot so. snot a baby.     snot my father.    snot for sale.   snot your body.   snot the same thing.    snot the same color.    snot dry.    snot friendly.  snot on Earth.  snot heavy.     snot nice to stare.  SNOT MY CAR!  Snot the cocktail I ordered.    snot my design.     snot my sweater. snot a promise.  snot plugged in.  snot to be believed.  snot my bag of tricks.  snot my pet.  snot stale.  snot gonna bother us.  snot in service.  snot for us.


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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