All of Creation has free will.  There is good and bad in each one of us, in different proportions.  Evil(wickedness) can turn into that which is bad, from there to wrongdoing, then to shortcomings(weakness), then to good, etc.  There is an ascension towards supreme good.  Good does not descend, it only gets stronger.  Evil can replace good in a person;  that doesn’t mean that the good that person accomplished has regressed.  Evil obtains power by descending.  Good and evil are separate, each can replace the other, but they do not exist as equals.  Each can get more powerful within their own sphere, though good and evil are not interchangeable.  The Creator is all good and powerful.  He has superiority over wickedness.  He quells and dissolves wickedness.  However, he does not interfere with FREE WILL.  All of Creation has free will.  It chooses to be good and have life or it chooses to be evil and forfeit life.  The Bible, which  began thousands of years ago, states, “The wicked shall perish, only the good will remain.”  Jesus, the Christ, preached with examples, such as, “the wheat(grain) shall be separated from the chaff(stalks).”  It is not a perfect comparison, but you catch the meaning.  The Creator keeps what is good and discards what is no good.  What the Creator brings into being is good, all good.  Every conception is good.  Free Will brings evil into existence.  Not to scare you or anything, but evil can creep in from the outer reaches of the Universe, that which lies beyond the Creator’s Universe.  The Universe we live in is that which he brought order to, that which our Supreme Creator watches over, and that includes us.  The beings we call angels were created by him to help him.  An Archangel patrols the outer edges of the Universe, not an easy task.  Lucifer is the regent and protector of hell.  Devils are not evil, they’re just bad.  As a matter of fact, devils don’t like wicked people.  Angels and Devils need to join forces sometimes to fight the Wicked.  You know the seven deadly sins?  {Lust(sexual excess)   Sloth(laziness)  Greed(money hungry)  Anger(loss of temper)  Gluttony(overeating)  Envy(I want what he’s got)  Pride(there’s no one better than me)}  Well, the devils indulge in the seven deadly sins.  They also like to gamble to excess, get freaking stoned out of their heads, and squash people on their way up the “ladder”. Excessive behavior might be a good way to describe a devil.  Devils are bad, not wicked.  They live against the Creator’s ways.  Devils take advantage of people; they are very self-indulgent.  Devils are not killers.  Killing is evil.  Torturing life is evil.  Beastiality is wicked.  Destruction is wicked.  A devil won’t take your only coat if you’re freezing, a wicked person will.  Wickeds have no righteous love, not even for themselves.  They fake their gestures; they provide lip service.  Wicked people will threaten you.  Devils don’t threaten;  they provide a foretaste of consequences.  Devils will try to sway your moral values.  Wickeds will destroy them.  Devils advocate “sinful” behavior, not “wicked”.  The gates of Hell open inward; they don’t open outward that often.  Devil’s do “time” in hell.  Hell is existence away from the Creator’s presence.  When a devil works his way towards goodness and steps over the threshold, he is again in the Creator’s “presence”; there is a sense of well-being and peace.  Devils live in turmoil and self-gratification.  Hell is not forever, and Heaven is the stepping stone to eternal bliss.  The wicked are farther down than Hell;  they perish;  they become non-existent.  When a creature dies(that’s us too),  only the good eventually remains, and that’s the life that continues to exist perpetually.  Wickedness has no life; it robs goodness in order to exist.  Good rises above evil and aspires to greater heights.  Wickedness can hitch a ride, but it can tolerate only so much good and at a certain point simply drops away.  The power of good is overwhelming.  Wicked people get weak-kneed and dizzy from too much goodness.  Good people will become tired and lifeless from too much wickedness.  Wickedness, Supreme Evil, can pull good down into its’ depths.  Good cannot be evil, so it dies in the low level and ascends.  Evil can disguise itself with good;  it will often hide behind goodness.  It is sometimes very difficult to perceive evil and it claims much life.  One thing is for sure, it is easier to be good than evil.  Unfortunately our shortcomings will often compromise good and that weakens us and makes us suseptible to evil.  Remeber one thing, just as an athlete works on his stamina to be strong, so one can work on their good. Good is a strength that mirrors the Creator.  Good makes us become more like the Creator, closer to him, and a powerful co-worker with him.  Everyone has their blessings;  everyone has their woes, no matter what their status is.  It’s how you treat people that counts.  Being a good person won’t make your woes go away or perhaps double your blessings.  Ultimately you’ll end up feeling better.  Being good or wicked is a desire;  it becomes a wish.  You want to be a certain way.  Being good or wicked becomes a way of life.  If you analyze your wicked inclinations, where do they stem from?  Is it jealousy?  Maliciousness?  Revenge?  Greed?  A desire for power?  Then there’s those weirdo-sickos who simply get tremendous pleasure and excitement from being hurtful.  When you analyze your good inclination, where does it source?  It comes from your insides;  a desire to outpore into another receptacle.  Wickedness also stems from the inside, but its intentions are selfish, focused inward.  A wicked desire fulfills the person who wishes it and those that are “benefitting” from it.  It leaves the victim empty.  Good intentions, on the other hand, leave both sides feeling warm and pleasant.  The giver of good reaches fulfillment of self and growth in spirit, while the recipient feels happy and filled with goodwill.  Wickedness is a oneway street that leads to a dirt road, while goodness is a twoway street that leads to the highway to heaven.  The wicked will end up eating dirt, their own; if not in this life, in the life to come.  It’s your choice.  It’s your desire. Punishment, in general, jumps a lifetime, so that your next life gives you the opportunity to make good.  It’s up to you to fight your evil inclination and choose the better path.  You have to be good to feel joy, wickedness leads to ecstacy, not joy.


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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