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The Tunnel

You’ve heard about people with near death experiences say, “I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.”  Have you ever wondered how so many races and nations came to be on Earth?  Please don’t think that we all … Continue reading

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ARABIC Hoodry-Boodry(who dree-boo dree)=a slop job type of guy shalaboore(shah la boo re)=open toed sandals or slippers “Yalla! Yalla!” = “Let’s go! Get to work!” AUSTRALIAN tucker=food BRITISH bangers=sausages CHINESE xie xie(shay shay)=thank you ni hai(knee how)=hello songshu=squirrel in Mandarin FRENCH … Continue reading

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EVOLUTION Evolution does not necessarily occur birth to birth.  Changes can take place within an ongoing life.  Changes occur in infintesimal amounts.  Major changes are noticed as a result of an accumulation of teensy tiny alterations. ACTION The reason that initiates … Continue reading

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Hold my calls.>><<What do you want me to do with them?  Lap dance?>><<Watch yourself young lady!>><<I don’t know about young and I don’t know about lady, but I watch myself all day in your glass wall.>><<Is it that time of … Continue reading

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