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With the Exodus of the Hebrews, Moses left Egypt and headed East.  He wished to reach the birthplace of Abraham, which was somewhere in todays Pakistan.  They never crossed the Red Sea; they went around it and fished.   You can … Continue reading

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If anyone tells you, “Prayers don’t work”, tell them, “It could get worse and then some.” *Thank you G-d, you make my day spin. *Dear G-d:  This day is yours.  I am at your disposal.  Do with me what you will. … Continue reading

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My apologies to the Slovenes.  I am not schooled in the language and write according to how I picked up the language at home with my family.  I spoke Slovenian before I spoke English.  I began speaking English at the … Continue reading

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Greek Poetry

To my readers:  I am not Greek, but have learned a little through my associations.  Please forgive the mistakes, and also, the English alphabet is not meant to be Greek.  I’m sure you’ll still understand what I mean, afterall, you are … Continue reading

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