So, howd it go today?
If you don’t mind, ask me tomorrow.

When are we leaving?
As soon as that point in time arrives.

Howr you feeling?
Next time I take a bath I’ll take notes.

Wherv you been?
You know, I’ve been asking myself the same question.

What am I gonna do?
You’re asking ME!

Where we going?
You’ll know when we get there.

What’s going on?
If I find out, I’ll get back to you.

What’s going on?
Nothing. What’s going on with you?

Do I look like I want to answer that.

What’s going on with you?
Nothing. What’s going on with YOU?

Howd you do that?
You weren’t watching, were you?

Where you at?
You have a map?

Whatr you waiting for?
Kingdom come.
Where you going?
Why don’t you stick around and follow me.

Are you deaf?
No, I wasn’t listening.
Well, then, that’s not my problem.
That’s right, it’s mine.  So, whatd you say?
Are you deaf?

I told you so, didn’t I?
Yes, you did.

He’s on something.
Yeah? How can you tell?
Just look at him!
What are you on?
The bus.

What’s so funny?  I don’t think that’s funny!

What do you want?
Do I have to want something?

What’s with the shades?

He’s not leaving is he?
Don’t be so sure.

Who’s the joker?
You think he’s funny?

Are you out of your mind?
All day long.

Where will we sit?
On your arse, unless you have some other part in mind.

Is it hot?
Everything is steaming on the plate, what is your educated guess?

You’re right, you know?
When you’re right, you’re right!
You’re right!
I’m right!

Why are you standing there?
Because if I was standing someplace else you would ask me the same question.

Where are you?
On planet Earth, how ’bout you?

Are you sick?
Yup! Everyday, without fail.

What’s wrong with you?
Everything that’s not right.

Where’ve you been?
Somewhere where I’m not now.
Somewhere where I was.

What’s going on?
I don’t know what’s going on, everything in my life is off.

Where did you come from?
My mother.

What’s going on with you?!
Nothing much, how ’bout you?

How long is this going to take?
Until it’s over.

When did all this happen?

Who said?
That’s what we would all like to know.


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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