Krst and the Father

With Krst, it’s from Love to Faith.  With the Father, it’s from Faith to Love.  Abraham’s Faith in G-d was unshakeable.  His ardent passion was so strong that Love for G-d would bring tears to his eyes.  Peter’s Love for Jesus was shaken and so was his Faith.  In the end the Love Peter had for Jesus drew tears to his eyes and grew into such strong Faith that he died for him and left the world with an undying Faith in him.  This Faith stems from the Love Jesus taught and ends in the Father.

The Catholic Church believes in Peter and has made him the cornerstone.  He is “Papa”. Jesus gave Peter the keys to the Father’s house.  To this day, the “Chair of Peter” is the “rock” from which stems the divine Love of Christ for all his people.  Every Catholic priest honors Christ by bearing allegiance to Peter.  There is no throne, just a chair and an equal share in the world to come.  The Vatican in Rome is not infallible, just her forgiveness is infallible.  Traditions are human, not Godly.  To err is human and the “Chair” is not perfect; the world does get in the way and no one knows that better than St. Peter.  Forgiveness is just the beginning and Love follows.

Sharing in Krist’s power we come to fruition in the Father; ending up with a co-share and the companionship of the Holy Dove who flies between the universes.

Jesus personified the character of Emmanuel, G-d’s son.  Jesus was not Krist. Jesus is as high as any human can ever get, forever.  Jesus is immortal.  Jesus’ Faith in the Father was rooted in his Faith, in Judaism.  His Faith was so strong that it grew into an unbelievable Love, the love of a son, for his Father.   Just like any father and son, it was a bond that was unbreakable.  That Love Jesus had for his Father(Adonai) became the root of all his teachings.  Even though Jesus started outwardly with deep Faith, his entire existence entwined Faith and Love, with Love becoming the focus and most integral part of his teachings.  He took those of little Faith and grew them into the Father with Love.  Many thousands into millions of people began to believe in the Supreme Being, thanks to Jesus.  Through Jesus and his followers Krst was revealed.

In Krst, Love becomes so natural, that it becomes the person’s greatest fault.  When one Love’s perfectly there is no sin and no wrong.  Love isn’t always easy because of our own internal battles of ego and selfishness, but step by step, we overcome, because Love always wins.  If Love doesn’t win it’s because there wasn’t any or there wasn’t enough.  Eventually, perfection is achieved through perfect Love and Faith is produced naturally, without effort.  Perfect love is truth and truth is the most powerful force in this universe.  Love is Krst’s most powerful force.  Through Love we come to know him and our Creator.

Out of Greatness, our Creator, the Supreme Being, “Adonai”, `pulled together some stuff and made it his own.  He also created a large portion of its content.  The Almighty’s origin is not in this universe; it lies beyond somewhere.

Krst is not of this universe.  He has his own and came into being a short time before our Father.  Krst’s origin is different and some distance from our Supreme Being’s.  Krst also pulled some stuff together from the Greatness and organized it into his own universe.  Krst’s universe is the nearest organized space to this universe.  “He sits at the right hand of our Father.”

When G-d’s son, Emmanuel was born on this Earth, the rulers misinterpreted his arrival and out of fear and jealousy murdered him in his third month of life.  God’s son is not Krst.  Jesus is not Krst.  Jesus is Mary and Joseph’s son.  Emmanuel is the Father’s and Mary’s son.  Mary is the Supreme Being’s womb-man.  Emmanuel lived through Jesus his whole life on this Earth and died on the cross with him at which point they parted.

Jesus’ followers were called kristine’s, meaning “pure ones”/”purifiers”.  Somehow they started to be called Christians, at which point Krst came and made them his own.  Krst is associated with our Supreme Being and comes to take christians to his universe when when their time arrives for departure.

Jesus is not a Christain; he is a Jew, an Israelite, a chosen of G-d “Adonai”, the Creator of this universe, a son of Adam, a son of King David.

Many “aliens” have entered this universe and have been welcomed in peace and friendship.  Some are wicked, and others won’t abide by the rules governing our Supreme’s universe.  There are those that live in peace in the Almighty’s universe and have become highly important to him in keeping peace and order. Some settled their kind and continue traveling through the vast Greatness.  Some do come back and visit those they left here and their descendants.  These beings are highly developed and unseen by “lowly’ beings like us.  Our climb to their level is not impossible and takes much “good” existence and discipline to do so.


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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