The more understanding you have of love, the less desire you will have for sex.  The more love there is, the less sex there is.

Sex is an extension of love, a simple physical tool which hones the spiritual desire of unity and contributes to the wholeness of a relationship.  Sex today is treated like a McDonald’s hamburger, to be had anytime, anywhere. Sex should be the desire to extend ourselves, to create that magnificent creature that will be a combination of “wonderful you” and “wonderful me”.  Once that inate creative need (closeness to God) is fulfilled in creating children, the sexual desire diminishes.

The physical act of sex unifies the electrical impulses that make up the two compatible individuals whose souls found love—eventually the oneness is rounded out and the need for sex no longer exists.  Then, as one, the climb to the perfection that is Our Creator is speeded up and the spiritual life of the body will eventually become one with the body and lead to perfect resurrection of the body.

Having taken a vow of celibacy 20 years ago I can guarantee that the value of sexual desire will dissappear if not used and will no longer persecute you.  Patience! The rewards of celibacy are astounding.

Humans have brainwashed themselves into sex.  Mankind has made myriads of excuses to sin.  These “rules” are manmade.  Our Creator said to us, “Do not sin. Do not eat of the fruit of the tree.” Eve tasted of Adam’s tree and had him taste of his own tree.  This disobedience banished them from paradise.  “Do not sin” is a simple request. There are many things that give pleasure to our senses and worlds unopened are there for those who obey his request.  It is not wrong to have sex, it’s not a crime, but it is sin.

Sex is acceptable to Almighty God within the bonds of Matrimony, but even within these bounds there are limitations. A couple must learn to eventually abstain from sex and lead a life of purity.  God’s rewards are fantabulous.  I wish I could explain why, but I am not privy to the answer because I sinned in my life.  Once I reached awareness I ceased all sexual activity and became sad because I had delayed my ascension.

Rape is something the Lord is sad about.  The flesh will fall; there’s nothing he can do. Rape is wrongdoing and punished by God.  The victim suffers their whole life and cannot ascend to higher levels unless cleansed.  Most rape victims have to wait for their flesh to decay in death before starting a new life without sin.

Mankind has a long way to go before paradise can be restored.  It is tough; many people have fun with the sexual processes and don’t care about that which they can’t understand.  Trusting God is paramount in the decision not to sin. The rewards are not known, but they are guaranteed to be delightful. Just a reminder: Life continues after the death of the flesh.


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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