This post must not necessarily be read.  May I suggest making a list for yourself and just add to it and make sure you read it sometimes.  We too often worry about what other people think about us.  We are often judged according to the ‘norm’ or ‘average’.  Hey buddy!  I don’t want to be average or meet the standard norm.  I am a rugged individualist and I don’t like people telling me I’m not normal for the wrong reasons.  When people set up norms they were supposed to allow for the extremes, which is quite normal!  We are as individual as creation will allow.  We are each unique.  Judge yourself according to how you think of yourself and don’t worry about the other guy unless you’re applying for a job.  Make a list of things you love and how you feel.   Focus on yourself and hone the knowledge you have of yourself and your feelings.  Your “I” may sometimes be negative, sometimes positive.  Lumping it all together helps you know yourself better. Eastern thought encourages self-awareness.

-I have amounted to anything.
-I am not a lost case.
-Somebody loves me!
-I love everything and everyone.
-Nothing is satisfaction.
-I love to teach.
-I love to dance and sing.
-I love to write.
-I love character work. (acting)
-I love creation.
-I sincerely enjoy the company of beings superior to myself.
-I do despise certain things.
-I am not religious; I’m spiritual.
-I enjoy getting up close and personal.
-I have nothing to hide.
-I like being alone.
-I am not mentally ill.
–I am creative.
-I don’t like doing the dishes.
-I love to cook, but not everyday.
-I am not a criminal.
-I am like a crumb tossed on the surface of the sea.
-I love playing with words.
-I am not stupid.
-I get hungry when I smell bacon.
-I love dinosaurs.
-My brother liked Wiley Coyote, I liked “Beep” “Beep”(The Road Runner).
-I love corn!! It was always the last thing on my plate when I was a child.
-I love the sun, whom I call Orbi (F) or Solus (M).  The stars and planets are both male and female.
-I feel like a caged animal pacing back and forth in the confines of stupidity.
-I look in the mirror and I don’t know myself.
-I’ll sing a song and hear the echoes in the universe.
-I feel like giving up so many times, I’ve lost count.  There’s always something to make life worth living.  Creation touches lives in many unique ways.  Dogs will be your friend, even if the dog belongs to someone else.  Dogs are naturally friendly.  WOE UNTO HIM THAT TURNS DOG INTO A RAGING BEAST!
-I prefer taking a bath to taking a shower.  Total immersion is much healthier and uses the same amount of water, unless you’re someone who turns the shower on and off.
-I try to do what my heart tells me.  This keeps me happy about myself.
-I don’t care where my fingers have been, I’m licking them, except in public.
-I read “Elsie Dinsmore”  when I was a child.
-I am the descendent of an experiment.
-I’m stubborn, a mix of both parents.
-I take after my father(RIP).  He blows his stack and cools down.  My mother will hold a grudge and she has various times for various people.  She’s been “mad” at her brother-in-law since the 1960’s and she’s still “mad” at him, even though he is since deceased.
-I just want to live with my Shih Tzuhs.  (They are no longer with me.)
-I cruise to nowhere all the time.
-I love picnics!
-I love vegetables and veggie crackers with cheese.
-I love being short, can’t see the top of the frig.
-I am happy with a little and wait patiently for that which is more.
-I have a dream and when I can finance it, I will make it a reality.
-I am a Liberal Conservative;  the persuasion is not very popular.  I’m too liberal for the conservatives and too conservative for the liberals.
-I don’t think about “busy” things until I have to;  it makes life easier.  Dwelling on things makes life difficult.  This is also Jesus’ philosophy.  Learn to go “HEAD ON”!!
-I don’t give a bowel! …..sometimes
-I deal with my life as it arrives.
-I am securely insecure, which makes me very secure about certain aspects of my life.
-I don’t get “commanded”; I live according to my own “free will”!
-I hunger for knowledge.
-I thirst for the truth.
-I starve for love.
-I am a somnambulist.
-I don’t obey myself.
-I don’t think enough.
-I like satire.


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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