Where, Oh! Life, wilt thou now take me?
Life in the Most High, is so desirable, yet,
So far to go.

Dearest Life, entangle me in thine divine web.
I runneth towards the pulse that doth sends
Enchanting waves my way.

Dearest Life, take me with thee.
Leave death behind.
Let not my death dwell on
What might have been, but on
What can be,
Past ought not to interfere.

Hoist me up to realms unknown.
May resolve further my cause, that
Life and Love is all one needs.

The rest is…just Living.

Sonja Bukvic
May 03, 2013


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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