Many religious factions and prophecies have been beating our brows about this millenia being the wicked one predicted in the Bible.  Many “blind sheep” gobble this up and accept this.  Satan and his cohorts will ravage the Earth.  Christ and the Father will not interfere.  It will take hundreds of years, but eventually the cleansing of this world will take place and most of the wickeds will perish.  Two thirds of life on Earth will be destroyed by man’s own hand.  The surviving third  will start all over again.  This cleansing will take place in the year 4000 something.

Are you that gullible!  Are you going to stand by and let the wickeds take over right under your very nose?!  Are you going to allow these people to wicketize every creature on Earth, our babies, our children, our pets?  Are you going to let this prediction come to fruition?   G-d gave us free will.  It’s up to us to oppose these powerful human beings, but we can’t do it alone.  The Supreme is there to help the good, all we need to do is ask.  High wicked is no match to high good.  Keep in mind that good, ultimately, will triumph, even if it takes hundreds of years.  Stand up to their threats.  Rely on God.  The way of good is filled with sorrow, pain, and torment.  The rewards will be well worth it.  Wickeds also cry hard, but they will perish and the good will inherit the Earth.  I believe we can thwart this take-over.  I believe the opposite can exist for this millenia.  O.K. Here’s how I ‘m thinking…

There can never be an all-good world or an all-wicked world on this planet, Earth(Tera). Sooo……

(If) wickedness is a reflection of good in today’s society, (then) good is a reflection of wickedness.  Wickedness rules a large portion of today’s society giving it many tempting ways to “strike it rich!”. Superficial wealth governs the standard of living and political platforms.  It overrides all other odds.

Don’t we govern our face by its reflection.  Can ego be an option to implement the good in wickedness?  Do not the wicked brag about their good and hide their wickedness inside their bodies?  Do not the wicked use the good as a shield to cover their evil deeds?  Why don’t we turn the tables?  I say, let’s hold the wicked’s good deeds upto them.  Let’s tell them how great and wonderful and kind they are.  Let’s tell them, “I love you!”  I guarantee they will shrivel and their take-over will be thwarted.

Our prisons are full of people who’ve been framed and can’t prove it.  The good are suffering, but they will be rewarded and elevated.  We often make wrong choices in life which leads to wrong-doing.  Suffering will balance our scales as we make up for our sins and wrongs.  Being tormented by evil should give us encouragement and strength.  It does get to be overwhelming sometimes and you want to “throw in the towel!”.  Don’t!  Get on your knees and call on the Lord!  You’ll feel his presence immediately.  Keep your heart in the right place, do not seek revenge unless guided by the Most High.  Do not fight evil with wickedness, you won’t win in the long run.  If you do and you realize it, get control of your temper, reverse your damage, and ask the Almighty’s forgiveness.  He understands.

No one is 100% evil.  It is possible to be 100% good.  Wickedness consumes the body.  The flesh eventually caves in from too much wickedness.  The wicked have to perform acts of goodness in order to sustain themselves, thereby often fooling us.  Many of them think to achieve 100% wickedness will give them absolute power. WRONG!!  However, these top wickeds will be battling God himself, eventually.  Try to avoid them.  They do enjoy killing as a sport.

Good people love themselves.  They want to progress and improve their spiritual lives the permanent way, the good way.  Wicked people don’t love themselves, though they think very highly of themselves and their egos need to be fed constantly.

Pure love prevents a person from being 100% wicked.  Love prevents the wicked from progressing, so they are always looking for ways for us to hate them. (Does, “Love your enemies,” ring a bell?)  God loves you, each and every part of creation with purity and sincerity.  O.K. So you’re an aetheist.  Fine!  Someone or something loves you all the time, unwaveringly.  This “love” prevents a wicked’s spiritual termination.  The body, however, can be consumed.  The good in every creature will survive eternally.  The good in evil will survive.

Here’s to GOOD.  We all need to survive.  No one can live without GOOD.


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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