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When you’re angry…

Are you a door slammer? A fist pounder? Wall puncher? Are you a kicker? Do you hurt your pet when you are angry?  Try to curb and erase this habit. Do you throw things, such as magazines, books, bric-a-brac, small … Continue reading

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Relationships and Living With Oneself

Dear Globules: This post is in its infancy and will develop gradually, so bear with me.  No sense in keeping notes – let’s just go with this right off the bat.  I’ll re-arrange at some later point in time.    Like … Continue reading

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The following are definitions I made up, altered or upgraded.  Do not take these as “Webster” definitions. recessed marriage – marriage that is the background in your life. Catholic graviton – mass-less particle fireside chat – casual conversation between two people and lengthy … Continue reading

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We are the victims of outrageous BODY SHOP fees. The car shells, made out of plastic, for next to nothing, are molds pre-set in the factory of the manufacturer of the model. The BODY SHOPS are charging our “fender benders” … Continue reading

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Author Unknown

When I have lost my temper I have lost my reason, too. I’m never proud of anything which angrily I do. When I have talked in anger and my cheeks are flaming red, I have always uttered something which I … Continue reading

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Do you think there is such a thing as….

**insatiable laughter **pink elephants (white elephants with severe sunburn) **no calorie food **baby guffaws **flying humans **less than nothing **anorexic gluttony **no fly zones **deaf robbers **transcendental mutation **floor dots **one-a-day underwear (50 pack) **”road free” driving **breathable stough in … Continue reading

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A Diddly

When you fail in the eye It’s time to have some wine Then why not some cream To give you pleasant dreams. 07.26.2013

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