Relationships and Living With Oneself

Dear Globules: This post is in its infancy and will develop gradually, so bear with me.  No sense in keeping notes – let’s just go with this right off the bat.  I’ll re-arrange at some later point in time.    Like when?  I don’t know!****^^^^^^^^^^^****

The most important thing to remember when living with one or more persons is that they are there, not necessarily in the house, but there.

Try to wash and put away all dishes before retiring for the night.  If there are dishes in the sink in the morning, do them.  If you’re the one always doing the dishes then maybe in your next life you won’t have to do any.

Keep your bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, and guest towels neatly folded and hanging properly.

Keep newspaper or plastic sheeting on the shoe shelf or the closet floor beneath the footwear.  Change them quarterly or bi-annually.  Old car mats are great for shoe storage.

Get an extension cord and plug in a night light over your head board or night stand to read by and save on your energy bill.

Use a night light in the bathroom as often as possible.  You don’t need to see half the things that go on in there.

When cooking, try to make larger amounts and store the excess in the freezer for a time when you’re in a pinch or just don’t feel like cooking.  Save the ricotta, cottage cheese, whipped cream, etc. containers and save on plastic containers.  Get masking tape and write the date and the dish and put on the cover.

Keep canned food on hand for those “quicky” meals.  They can be very tasty.  I stock up on beans, peas, corn, string beans, and tuna fish.  My grocery store has a once a year blow out sale on canned goods.  Thirty dollars gets me “quicky meals” for a whole year.  Cook pasta or rice and doctor up the canned stuff with herbs and spices. Add a salad. YUMMY!

When paring veggies or trimming meat, keep a plastic bag in the corner of the sink and throw everything that’s not useable in the bag.  Then pick the bag up, twist the top, and dump in the garbage can. Voila!  No mess on the counter or in the sink.

When making a pot of vegetable soup, use those chicken cubes for better flavor.  After the soup is served up, put the remainder away and the next day add another kind of vegetable or two and some more cubes and water.  You now have “new” soup.  Keep doing this everyday until the soup disappears.

Does leaving the seat up on the toilet annoy you?  Get a marking pen and write “the message” (your choice of words) under the seat.  You have a whole rim to write on.

It is hard to decide what to get older seniors for their birthday or Christmas.  They usually have enough of everything and tell you, “Don’t get me anything.  I don’t want anything!  I don’t need anything.”  Are these the lines you get from the old folks?  It’s true, though, they generally don’t need anything.  If they are poor, pick up the phone and pay a utility bill for them or pick up a month’s rent.  These people are proud, they don’t want handouts or money, in general.  If they are comfortable or well off the best thing to get them are specialty foods.  It’s something they can share.  If you know the person well, you’ll know what to get.  As a rule of thumb, chocolates, cookies, little cinnamon cakes, cheese, even a bottle of liquor (cream or fruit)  will go a long way in their hearts.  Cards are a welcome and loving words bring blessings your way.  There are other things like fancy tissues, a bottle of perfume or after shave, and if they read, a good book.  Put your thinking cap on.  Don’t get them something they don’t need or have an abundance of and be careful not to hurt their pride.

Don’t flush the toilet after 3:00AM. Wait till 6:00AM.

Don’t scrub your teeth.  Implement light strokes in the direction your teeth grow in, front and back.  Brush lightly over the molars.  No need to brush after every meal.  Floss when there’s food between your teeth. (Look in the mirror).  Food between teeth doesn’t start to decay for two or three days.  Use straight baking soda for problem plaque, followed by a good fluoride bubble bath on your teeth. Rinse the toothpaste with warm water and do not brush it off.  Whenever you can, massage the gum line and prevent periodontal problems.

If you’re feeling exhausted and fatigued for consecutive days in the fall and winter, double up on your vitamin C intake to stave off the common cold. I suggest 1000 mg. a day.  If you feel a cold coming on triple your Vitamin C intake.  I suggest 3000 mg. a day till the feeling goes away.  Vitamin C does not stay in your body very long, it flushes out fairly quickly.  When I’m feeling that way I try to take 1000mg. of C in the morning and 2000mg. of C before bedtime.  I have a 99% success rate.

Personal photographs make great book marks.

When you walk, suck it in, strengthen the abdominal muscles, helps digestion.

If you wake up with a frontal lobe headache, do not wash your hair or you’ll liable to break out with a nasty head cold.  Take Bayer aspirin and Vitamon C and when the headache is gone, then wash your hair.

Do to others what you would do to yourself.  What you do to others…be prepared to suffer or enjoy the same.

Envy and jealousy are different.  Envy is when you covet(desire) something.  Jealousy, on the other hand, has an addition of hatred attached to it.  Learn the shaded differences and nip the feelings in the bud.  Envy and jealousy are natural feelings when you live in a physical human body(the flesh).  Don’t be angry with these feelings, simply teach yourself to cut them off.  With time the feelings of envy and jealousy will subside and controlling them will become easier.

Don’t stab your salad greens, eat them with your fingers.  Use salad dressing as a dip.
Try not to stab your food because you’re eating the stabbing.  (…and you’re hurting the vegetables.)

Never bite into an apple, always quarter it.  Do the same with peaches, pears, plums, any pitted or seeded fruit.  Berries may be eaten whole.  This will preserve your heart.

Black pepper increases anger.  USE SPARINGLY.
Red pepper increases passion.  HALT!
White pepper increases silliness.  GO AHEAD!
Salt does not give you the condition of high blood pressure, but it does modify the functions of the body.  Go preserve yourself.  Intake of salt will temporarily spike your blood pressure, but not affect your overall health.  Anxiety increases and holds blood pressure higher; so does alcohol.  Sorrow will decrease blood pressure.

The heart may die in deep sorrow or calamity, but will slowly renew itself.  The mind will carry the emotions that attach to the heart, but oftentimes leave you without feelings.  Just one kind deed may bring the heart back to life.  Don’t pass up your opportunities to do nice things for others.

We make mistakes which we regret for the rest of our lives.  We redeem our angst with hope, the hope that some day things will be set straight.

Don’t freeze beef.  Don’t boil beef.

Don’t keep bread in the refrigerator.  Either leave it out on the counter or in the freezer.

Put a thinner blanket between the sheet and the comforter if you’re still feeling cold at night.

Need to conserve energy – don’t have the bucks to pay for constant heat?  Put a small heater in every room and regulate the output.  Can’t afford the heaters?  Buy one and use it at night in your bedroom.  Turn the thermostats in the rest of the house down to 52 degrees.  Turn them up as soon as you hit the deck.  Too cold?  Run to the bathroom and turn the heat on, then run back to bed for 15 minutes.  I usually grab my little bedroom heater and plug it in the bathroom to warm it up faster.  Taking a hot bath in the morning warms the body and you use just as much water as if you took a running shower.  By the time you finish your bath (and you can soak for 10 minutes) the room will be warmed up.
Another alternative, as you get used to the cold mornings,  is keep the bathrobe and slippers handy and trudge to the kitchen to make coffee or tea.  You can hold your chilly hands over the pot, till you can pour.  Then take the beverage to the bathroom for your bath.  By the time you have your second cup, you’ll be ready for breakfast and out the door.
Your “rise and shine” alternative-EXCERCISE upon rising.  I for one can’t stand exercise in a cold room unless I’m already heated up and not from sleeping either.  I enjoy a cold morning jog before everything else, but not everyday.  Try not to put your togs on over your pajamas- those are for sleeping-at least shed the PJ’s before stoughing yourself in your jogging togs.

A cup of warm milk (I use Low fat) before bedtime or in bed every night will give you a better night’s sleep and keep your calcium levels on an even keel.  Now and then when you wish to change pace, add a splash of vanilla or rum extract–nice on chilly nites.

Boil some potatoes and save some in the refrigerator.  They last a few days.
Peel a potatoe and slice(quarter) it. Top with a dab of butter or cream cheese and sprinkle with red pepper.  This plate can be eaten hot or cold.

Microwave Excercises
Don’t just stand there and watch the food spin or the timer clicking away–EXCERCISE!!
YES! That’s right! Exercise!  You can do 30sec. reps to 1min.30sec. reps.  I enjoy doing knee bends(plies) and toe raises(relevez) during the 30″ cycle.  Make up your own!!

When the body is weak and the spirit is weak, holding to something is difficult.  When the spirit is emotionally weak, the body is weak and the mind can’t support you well enough.  When the body and spirit are strong, the mind is strong and the brain follows through.  Stay healthy!  Live Healthy!  Work on your emotions–use logic–pamper–be strict.  Give your emotions time, do not shortchange your psyche,  get back on track on your own–don’t give in to false sympathizers and extend your agony.  Be polite, but shove them off for your own good.  It’s just you!!! YOU have to work things out.  Each and every single one of us is truly alone in this world—-think about it!

You can’t win or loose when you cheat.

For a relaxing time while you watch your program try massaging muscle rub into your feet and hands.  It will perk up your whole body.

Quick snack:  Toast-butter-sliced tomato -pepper

Quick dessert:  1 sliced apple (eighths)-cored and cured on a salad plate
Douse with raw sugar
Cover with dabs of butter
Sprinkle with cinnamon
Microwave approximately 1’30”

Some people don’t feel good during the winter season because of the white snow.  The environment is too pure and we’re used to dirt.

If you have a spouse or others in your house that raid the refrigerator at night, here’s a suggestion to end your frustration and anger in the morning.  Designate a “raid shelf” and
that’s all they can have.

Put yourself in your opponent (enemy?) and treat them according to your tolerance levels.

Are you having a “bad mood” day?  Golden opportunity…Someone says to you, “Good-morning!”, you can answer, “It’s not over yet!” This tells them that they’re having a good morning, but you’re not, and just maybe their morning will turn out rotten.

Try to follow your inclinations(it’s the heart that steers you), but be careful when there are two choices.

Are you married to someone you don’t get along with and share a child you’re both crazy about and you don’t really want to divorce till the child is grown-up or  out of college?
…..Try to get a three bedroom residence(apartment/condo/house).  Learn to be autonomous and share the responsibilities of maintaining the residence.  Be together when you get along.  On your off days, simply avoid each other.  Pitch in when an extra pair of hands is needed.  No one has to answer to anyone unless it affects the lives of all three of you or two of you.  Your child will be a less loving person until he/she falls in love, but will be able to handle all life’s relationships.  Affection goes a long way in our society.  If you can’t love, then show affection.  Affection doesn’t necessarily bind you to a person, but love does.

Singing “Happy Birthday” to yourself can make you feel better anytime.

Have you tried GREETING CARDS as décor or as a message server?  They’re easy to change and they stand up.

We pollute our brains because reality hurts and much of life can be boring.  Don’t feel guilty about altering your brain occasionally, that’s what it’s there for.

BALLET:  If at all possible, do take ballet training up to the Advanced Level and every movement in life will be easier and more perfect.

When a person gets tired, they tend to walk on their heels.  Be mindful of using your whole foot.  Work each step through the metatarsal and out the toes.

You must (should) adjust the ways you think in order to change your mind-set.

I like to carry tissues and a handkerchief with me wherever I go.  The tissues are to blow my nose and the hanky is to dab my tears and my nose.

It’s not h o w you live; it’s who you are, y o u as yourself.

Be kind to everyone: accept yourself.

Truth can hurt, but the Lie causes the most damage.

If you’re looking at a time piece and it just happens to be top of the hour, announce it somehow.


When your movement becomes natural – STOP! It becomes part of you.  Stop practicing and concentrate on another move.  When you don’t use a move for an extended period – PRACTICE!

Don’t work on your shortcomings, build on your strengths.  Let’s put working on our weaknesses aside for awhile and concentrate on working on our strengths.

Learn how to revel in your misery. (I’m not good at it.)

Don’t dwell on things till you have to.

Those that live by the guide lines of the universe will prosper, if not today, tomorrow.

The heights one reaches in any given sphere relies on the amount of enlightenment we have.  We cannot strive for that which we don’t know about.

We are susceptible to our weaknesses no matter how strong we are.  We can succumb when the intermediary is in synchronization.  Try hard to resist – there is plenty of existence coming up;  you’ll get to experience everything the right way sooner or later.

Do make an effort to conclude your conclusions – don’t let words hang on serious subjects.

Before boarding someone’s boat or yacht, always wait for the captain or spokesperson say,
“Come aboard!”

Standing on your head is very healthful.  YOU MUST LEARN TO SUPPORT YOUR BRAIN STEM or you will have problems when the body gets older.  Use a wall or door post as a support before you graduate to the middle of the floor.  Build up your neck and shoulder muscles.

Lots of things aren’t easy, but when they happen, it’s like a piece of cake.

When I was “bullied” in school, I would find one friend in the class that was also isolated from the majority.  The friendships did not last into “beyond”, but they were a comfort and a joy when they existed.  When I got “bullied” or “isolated” at home, I would go play with my dolls and immerse myself in endless “conversations” with them.  If you have your own room ( I got mine when I turned seven), then that becomes your “sanctuary” outside of school.  As I got older, and my inner self became more interesting, I learned that the pursuit of knowledge and talent was a great and noble pastime.  First you must learn to be autonomous, selfsubsistent.  If people want to come into your “life”, welcome them.  It is rare for me to have anyone “in” my life other than family, for any length of time.  “Isolation” is painful enough sometimes, so “bullying” becomes favorable, even fun, when you know how to retort.  Love yourself, because, quite frankly, God does, too.

Try to think like yourself and like others, you’ll do better.

Don’t be over confident; it’s detrimental.  Try addressing your weaknesses and get a good focus, then re-do your confidence.


This advice is for people with low income.  There’s always one room in your residence that should be upscale and posh.  Choosing a room takes careful consideration.  When I lived in a studio in New York City life was lived on a shoe string.  I chose to enrich my bathroom.  I put in wall to wall carpeting, fancy tank and toilet seat cover, paintings and mirrors on the walls.  If you live in an apartment you may wish to do your bedroom since this is where you spend most of your time.  Feeling luxurious without spending too mush enhances your “floating” abilities and helps your psyche and efficiency.  PICK A ROOM!

Don’t dump spoiled milk down the drain.  Pour it in your bath water even if it is clumpy, it’s great for the skin.  Even if it smells, you can always rinse afterwards.

Talent will make a person happy.  Explore yourself.  Try different things.  Find your talents.


Here’s a recipe that’ll grab you and stay with you….
one tomato sliced in eighths/ put in a bowl
smother with favorite grated or cut cheeze
sprinkle with salt, oregano or basil, and a dash of pepper
microwave for 60 to 90 seconds
add sour cream for taste changes
grab a piece of bread and have a healthy dinner
(PS:  you can do this if you’re a mom on the go.  Make a batch, cook your pasta, and voila.)

When was the last time you stood on your head and viewed the environment?

Are you accusing yourself again?  Be a little more easy on yourself. Analyse first.  Did you have the knowledge to deal with the problem?  Did you have enough experience to deal with the situation?  Well, maybe this time you learned something and can chalk it up to experience.  Now next time you make the same blunder you can scold yourself!

FEET: Do you and your mate come home and kick your shoes off?  Do you both watch the evening news?  Buy a basin for each and soak the feet in hot/warm water with epsom salt or baking soda.  Towel off each others feet and rub them gently with circular motions counterclockwise and some thumb pressure under the metatarsal.  Squeeze the heels gently for a few seconds in the palm of your hand and in the dimples of the ankles. Use a nice lotion or rubbing alcohol if you so desire, if it’s convenient.  WOW!


Is it possible that you stink and don’t know it?  Stick your penis in your nose.

CHRONIC STENCH SOLUTION:  Use wash cloth or sponge
Step 1:  scrub with Ajax and rinse.
Step 2:  wash well with laundry soap and rinse>
Step 3:  scrub with baking soda and rinse.
Step 4:  suds up with shampoo or body wash and rinse.
Step 5:  Pat dry. (Wrap with paper towel.  Tissue sticks.)


Is it possible you stink and don’t know it?  Sit on your face!

SAME AS ABOVE :  Wash between the folds.  Most especially expose the clitoris and wash well, then pull skin over it.

Now maybe you will have more friends and people won’t sidle away from you.


While standing in line, do toe raises and knee bends.  People won’t mind.  Maybe you’ll start a trend.


Whatever your budget, heat is always a nitpicker.  Here’s what I do….
During the week I keep my thermostat down and just double up on clothing, usually two t-shirts and a sweatshirt.  December the thermostat is higher and every week I put it down a degree or two so that by February I can live in a room with temperatures of 50 to 55.  On Saturdays and Sundays I treat myself to higher temperatures, usually 70 or 75.  Believe it or not I get hot.  Another trick is if you’re feeling cold indoors, go outside without a jacket for a few minutes and then when you come back indoors you will feel warmer.

At night, one hour before bedtime turn your thermostat down to 55.  In your bedroom, open your window for five minutes.(fresh air will help you sleep better.) Buy your self a small heater and place it on a bar stool or on the dresser facing the bed.  Most are automatic turn on and turn off temperature setting, and go on and off all night.  Find your comfort setting and use it throughout the winter.  No need to keep your thermostat up and you could even use this method in your child’s room.  If the box gets knocked down it’s an automatic shutoff.  This does save on heating costs.  The first one out of bed has to turn on the thermostat. Brrr!! I jump out of bed, go to the bathroom, turn the thermostat on, and jump back into bed till the bathroom heats up.  If you have separate thermostats, then heat up the bathroom first and do your hygiene routine.  By the time you get out your bedroom is still warm and you will have put the kitchen and living area thermostats on before your shower/bath.  If you are single and a working person then you don’t need to turn on the living area, just the bedroom and bathroom need to be warm.  Hot tea or coffee is all you need.  Keep your feet warm, get plush slippers or thick socks which you can shuck before leaving your residence.  Keep your hands warm with the mug.  With children going off to school you will need to warm up the whole living space.  Keep the temperature lower than the evening.  Evenings greet a tired body and a tired body gets chilly.  Mornings are warmer bodies.  O.K. Get going!!

ANGER – cut down on meat.  Meat-eaters tend to loose their temper more often and are angrier across the board.  Vegetarians tend to be more peaceful and in better control of their temper.  Coffee, most people know, is a common temper flare and anxiety booster, and also causes more dandruff.  Black pepper is also an additive to anger.

Don’t think time; it will age you.  Every time you look at a clock or a watch, you age.

SEX – What you loose when you have sex(sin) is far greater than what you gain.  The perks are not worth it.  Sex is a habit, an enticing one.
Man can live without penis, but penis cannot live without man.                              SEQUENCE:   Penis tempted Eve, Eve tempted Adam, and “voila!” POW! ZOOM!

DRINKING – REMEMBER….You can always have “one too many” but NEVER “five too many”.  Know your “norms” when out drinking.  When you’re home, well, that’s up to you; you can always pull up the floor or kiss the toilet bowl.

It is a great feeling when you look up a word and you have spelled it correctly.

You never know what kind of creatures live under your husband’s skin.  Have him confess some of his high school  and boyhood antics.

Want something inexpensive to freshen your drawers?  Want to razz-up your socks, underwear, and T-shirts?  Scatter some cloves, cinnamon sticks, and chopped nutmeg in your drawers.  It is inexpensive and delightful.

All you workers out there….may I suggest keeping a clean pair of drawers in your drawer or locker.  Just put a fresh pair in a baggy and change them every week or so or they get stagnant.  You never know…and some of you know what I’m talking about!

Try not to bite into bread.  Tear it with your hands into small pieces and insert in your mouth or tear it with your incisors gently and take it into your mouth to chew.

#1)  pop the whole candy in the mouth and chew.
#2)  bite the candy in half, chew one half and then insert the second half to chew.
#3)  pop the whole candy in your mouth, suck on the hard shell till it softens and then chew it.

TOAST:  If you have toast in the morning cut wafer thin pieces of butter or margarine and set them around the border of your plate.  When the toast pops up, put it on your plate and arrange the pieces on the toast, then spread or not.

FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE …….Those of you that can afford fresh squeezed orange juice-SAVE THE PULP- mix it with your garden soil, especially around rose and tomato plants.  You can also put it in a large watering can and water your grass areas.

Sex is a cop-out assimilation.  ***Bread and thought are G-d’s ways.***

If he asks for your hand in marriage and he’s a nice guy, but your answer will be “no”, don’t be too harsh.  Say to him, “Why that’s very nice of you, but I don’t want to be an amputee.”

WINE  –  Pour with your left hand and drink with your right hand.

When you reach your 50’s WATCH OUT!
If you “boozed” and “drugged” and “carried on” during your first fifty years of life, chances are you will have “CARDIAC” problems.  The 50’s do a sort of re-run of your first half century, especially your 40’s.  Somehow each decade of your life does a type of re-run of your previous decade. Sooo…be careful how you live your life!  Stay in healthy practices!  No one says be dull, just indulge once in awhile and always be sure to counter any “out of line” stough with the “anti-dote” action.  Socrates’ famous saying, “EVERYTHING IN MODERATION” should get you by, though not perfectly.


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Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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