The Supreme Being.  The First Being.  God.  The Most High. (I wonder what he enjoys?/ just joshing)  He has many names.  Our most popular at this time is God.  Anything we’re going through, he has already been through.  The higher a being goes, the more knowledge one has, the more good one has.  You need to know what is good before you can know what is evil.  You cannot know evil without good.  You can know good without evil.  We are all living persons and we all have a being, made in the image and likeness of God.

Being proceeds towards one’s highest aspirations.  There are many levels in existence.  The being can become splintered, shattered, divided; this is a natural course of changes.  The being of a person lives in multi levels of existence, but the person remains one being.  The flesh exists on a worldly level and the soul exists in the highest level of one’s being.  The soul seeks purity and perfection.  However, forms of evil can touch the pure and perfect state, which leaves the being that seeks pure evil imperfect, because beings are created out of goodness and can never be wholly wicked.  The good and wicked learn to live amongst each other.  The friction can be quite overwhelming at times.  The wicked shall perish but the good will remain, if nothing else, then the kernal of conception that came from the Almighty Creator.

There are many gods and goddesses and why not?  Knowledge will improve a person but not necessarily strengthen them.  Superior beings are in abundance with varying degrees of good and evil.  When evil reaches a certain point it is destroyed, but when goodness is implemented it simply keeps growing and growing with more and more earned power.  The Supreme Being has splintered into many known forms throughout the universe.

The Holy dove co-exists with the Supreme Being, but is her own person.  The Holy Dove is a beautiful big white dove. She shepherds all the birds in the universe and brings the gifts of the Supreme.

Jesus spent years studying and acquiring knowledge.  He loved his faith.  He was brought up a devout Hebrew.  He wanted everyone to be enlightened to the kingdom of God.  In those days illiteracy was rampant.  Women and children and non-Hebrews did not know many things about the kingdom of God.  Jesus brought them enlightenment and was shunned by the leaders of his faith.  They were not happy that Jesus was teaching outside the temple, giving knowledge to the public and he was causing crowd problems for the local government.  He paid a high price for loving people.  Today, we honor Emmanuel and Jesus, and Mary, their mother, who will stand by us in our temporal and spiritual needs.  Emmanuel stayed with Jesus throughout his life on Earth.  We are indeed blessed to have him amongst us.  Emmanuel died with Jesus on the cross, and rose to the heights.

When you have a personal relationship  with someone, you grow closer, it’s only natural.    I have a personal relationship with the Supreme Being as a whole, as a creator, as a protector, as a just judge, as an endless source of information, a companion every minute of the day.  There is no reason to isolate any part of the Supreme Being from yourself just because someone in your religion says so.  I respect my Catholic Faith and have been enriched by it, but by no means do I, as an educated adult, agree with all its precepts or pretend that it is a perfect and accurate religion.

There is no need to feel isolated.  The mind is never alone.  The human heart feels loneliness and there are different kinds of loneliness.  The human heart feels love, so does the mind.  Jesus taught love throughout his ministry, the focal point of his teachings.  The Jewish faithful use a “Mezuzah” on their doors in which are written the two greatest commandments: Love God with your whole heart, your whole mind, and your whole body and Love each other as you love yourself.  This type of bonding strengthens the soul.  Destruction of love has never helped anyone.  Jesus said, “Man cannot live on bread alone.  Man needs to love.”  Love is free, it doesn’t cost anything.  To love and be loved without cost is love.  When one “buys” love one is simply buying affection in exchange for money, a type of false “lying” love.  This works out in some cases, but does not provide for growth in goodness.

Servants/ housekeepers cost money for the job they perform, but loving their employer is for free, costs nothing.  Maybe they work without love.  Time has a strange way of having people, who live in close proximity, gradually love each other.  This is one method of wedded bliss I’m not too keen about.  I would rather start out being in love.

Love is a surround system, it envelopes you, love becomes a part of you, so you essentially end up walking love around.  That’s what I sense in the historical figures of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus.  These men and their families were walking love and were well-respected and loved.  We all love, all the time.  When we/one share(s) love, we/one is happy.  The heart that looses love will be hurt and the tears will pour.  The mind then consoles the heart.  The mind believes in everlasting life, believes in the real possibility of seeing those we love again at some point in our existence.  The water that pours from our eyes is life for those we shed for.  Tears encourage those we love.

I believe I will see all my Shih Tsuhs and pets again sometime in the future of my existence.  At this point I gauge existence with Earth time, so I am probably restricting my scope.  Let me just say, that perhaps I may see my Shih Tsuhs in about 2,000,000 years, but I presume their heads will be larger and more developed, unless it’s another planet and my Earth-time sequencing will be null and void.  My father has gone before me, but I carry an infinite part of him within me forever.  I love my mother; she is an octogenarian and very feisty.  I’m lucky to still have her.  Though she yells too much sometimes, she’s an O.K. lady with talents she has put away.  Our personalities and characters are shaped by who and what surrounds us.  The great thing is to choose our acquired faults and work to improve our own being slowly and painstakingly with permanent results. No one should blame anyone for bad character.  Recognize the faults and work to eliminate them and perfect yourself; don’t blame your parents or the dog!

Try to keep your body, your flesh, healthy, trim and strong.  That way you’ll be able to do more for longer.  I take my Mama as an example.  She has been exercising and watching her diet for as long as I can remember.  She has been an inspiration my whole life.  Keeping the flesh strong and healthy is important and can see you through some tough times.

Spiritual and emotional health is based pretty much on the same principles as the flesh.  The flesh will often benefit from the disciplines of the spirit and the spirit from the disciplines of the flesh.  Food, exercise, connecting with the Supreme—that’s the recipe.

Prayer is an intermediary between our flesh and our spirit.  Eventually, when prayer has become absorbed the spirit and body synchronize to become a continual approach to higher perfection, to that desire of knowledge that conquers evil and the artistic creativity which is sorted within us.

Creation is created in the likeness of the Supreme Being.  Look at a tree and see his face.  Look at a flower and see his face.  Look at each other and see his face.  Look at your home and see his face.  Look at your pet and see his face.  Look at your car and see his face. Should I go on?  LOVE***SHA-ALOM.  Whatever you create is known to the Creator.  He can possess it, but he won’t take credit for it, it’s yours.  The creation that comes from you is yours, not his.  He might be the inspiration, but the creation is you.

LIFE in itself is good/ LIFE in itself can never be wicked

TORAH – the study of the Almighty Supreme Being’s rules, regulations, and way of life that will help achieve ever higher pinnacles of one’s existence, as written by scholars of his divine revelations and enlightenment.


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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