How does one thank a Mother?
Does one give her things, like flowers?
That might be nice.
Does one fill her ears with kind words?
That’s always nice.
Does one help her out, whether young or old?
That should stand for all people.
So how does one thank a Mother?
It is impossible to be complete.
One can thank the Almighty Creator for her
and his part in giving us life.
The best thanks we can give a Mother is to ask
the Supreme Being to watch over her like she
watches over us.
Most of all to love her for all Eternity.


About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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