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How does one thank a Mother? Does one give her things, like flowers? That might be nice. Does one fill her ears with kind words? That’s always nice. Does one help her out, whether young or old? That should stand … Continue reading

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In the darkness of the sky There is a light I know not why We’re covered with blight Not worthy of a sigh Purify your sight You’ll see the black light in the white Please tell them how To stream … Continue reading

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My broken heart is Scattered over the highway Struggling to join, Crawling, gasping, Crushed each time Someone passes. The beat is there, But its life is dead. The heart is torn and strayed; It cannot stay much longer. The beat … Continue reading

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The Most High Eye

A whisper, A touch of light, Like wings That touch the air. I see a shining ray That sheds its way To my destiny. A hope that’s bright With That; your light. It’s really outta sight, You, that great might. … Continue reading

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There is a pain in my heart, A pain my lips cannot reveal. There is so much, it fills a cart No one would want to steal. My Father Creator is my ear. He relieves the pain so dear. I … Continue reading

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Man and Woman

Woman does not need man Man does not need woman Bread does not serve man Woman serves man Bread nourishes man Bread nourishes woman Man cannot live on bread alone So, have a scone.

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Grace of Love

    How love used to be sweet Hanging like dew drops from the trees Sparkling glints of love shards Deep within my needs

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