My broken heart is
Scattered over the highway
Struggling to join,
Crawling, gasping,
Crushed each time
Someone passes.
The beat is there,
But its life is dead.
The heart is torn and strayed;
It cannot stay much longer.
The beat is dying
To someone without hope.
Only love can pull the pieces together.
Where is it?

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When you leaving?
Why did you drink so much?
(In front of child)  Looks like it’s broken; I wonder who did it?
What have I done to deserve this?
How could you?
What was that?
You can’t do anything right, can you?
How did that happen?
You did what?
Who are all these people?
Don’t you know anything?!
What’s the big idea?!
Do you have a better idea?
What happened?
Didn’t anybody tell you?
What’s your sign?
Who’s the idiot?

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The Most High Eye

A whisper,
A touch of light,
Like wings
That touch the air.

I see
a shining ray
That sheds its way
To my destiny.

A hope that’s bright
With That; your light.
It’s really outta sight,
You, that great might.

Me! Oh! My!
What a sigh.
Look at that eye,
So high.

–Sonja Bukvic

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There is a pain in my heart,
A pain my lips cannot reveal.
There is so much, it fills a cart
No one would want to steal.

My Father Creator is my ear.
He relieves the pain so dear.
I keep him ever near,
Just like a running deer.

Many a time I succumb to tears,
Whenever they come, those years.
The sobs that rend my ears,
Only he can hear.

The future is filled with hope,
After all, I am no dope.
There’s always enough rope
To climb up with hope.

I’m covered by a pile of dirt,
That gives certain ones mirth.
However, I’m well girth
With His special mirth.

The present is dim
And the tears do brim,
But I’ll always have him
Who gives me plenty din.

So be calm my heart,
Keep it on the hearth.
The Almighty is smart;
He’ll turn it into a lark.

–Sonja Bukvic

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1 tomato sliced into eighths
Put in a bowl
Smother in chopped or grated cheese (any kind you like)
Add some sour cream
Sprinkle with basil or oregano and red or black pepper.  Add some salt.
Put in microwave for one to one and a half minutes and enjoy!

SUGGESTION:  If you know you are not going to be able to have lunch, try having a more substantial breakfast.  I enjoy having a bowl of hot soup and a roll.


you have left over rice?  use it in a soup or top with your favorite sauce as a new side dish.
Another thing you can do with left over rice is rinse some chopped meat, fry up some chopped onions, mix together with a cracked egg and put in an ovenproof dish.(don’t forget the salt!) Cover with foil and bake about 45 minutes.  Yeah!  Meatloaf!  Have a cold sandwich to the office the next day.

SUGGESTION:  Cook rice or pasta while taking your shower/bath in the morning.  For pasta-drain, put in ceramic/glass bowl and refrigerate.  When you get home from work boil some water and dump the pasta in it, swish around, drain and voila-ready to eat.


Cut up an apple in chunks, skin and all, put in a small bowl or on a sandwich plate.  Sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, and a dash of nutmeg.  Add rum if you like.  Sprinkle with crushed nuts if you like.  Use half and half as a bath for a change in taste.  Cover and stick in the microwave for two to three minutes and voila, delicious dessert.

SUGGESTION:  Try putting some Jalapeno Mustard in your chicken soup.


Try smothering a hotdog or hamburger in red pepper.


Start the rice (one cup rice to two cups water-bring to boil/add bay leaf/cook 15 to 20 minutes at one quarter heat —-see last line
In large skillet–One large or two small chicken breasts (cooked from homemade soup)
Shred, sauté, and crackle in clarified butter
Toss in one or two cups broccoli florets and chopped stems
Sprinkle with a little salt and mix
Pour 2oz. teriyaki sauce mixed with one cup water over the concoction
Zimmer a few minutes
Serve over rice you prepared while preparing this dish
Have a side of salad greens


Always store leftover boiled potatoes with the skin on.  Here’s something you can do as a meal with boiled potatoes:

Skin potatoe(s), cube in a bowl, crack an egg(s) on top and whisk till mixed(or whisk egg(s) separately and pour over potatoe(s)), sprinkle with salt and black or red pepper.  Microwave for 3′ 30″.  You can add grated cheese, but wait to sprinkle until the last 30 seconds.


If you want to save time, here’s what you do:  Make a huge batch of caramelized onions (diced).  Use olive oil and when desired color is achieved put a spoonful on pieces of plastic wrap and envelope them or twist up and throw in a container or bag and throw in the freezer.  Take a packet and dump it in the skillet next time you need caramelized onion for your recipe.  Now you can brown them or blacken them.


People who eat boiled franks must be desperate for a quick meal.  O.K., if you really must.  Here’s what I do:  Take a small frying pan, rinse off two hot dogs, place in pan, add some water, boil off the water(approx. 2″), drizzle with olive oil or a dab of margarine, then roll franks back and forth till they’re browned.  Enjoy!

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Colorado 1965

Dear letter, go upon your way
Over mountain, plain or sea,
God bless all who speed your flight
To where I wish you to be,
And bless all those beneath the roof
Where I would bid you rest;
But bless even more the one to whom
This letter is addressed.

Colorado 1965

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Man and Woman

Woman does not need man
Man does not need woman
Bread does not serve man
Woman serves man

Bread nourishes man
Bread nourishes woman
Man cannot live on bread alone
So, have a scone.

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