Mother’s Day

A Special Mother’s Day Wish for all “Mommies”.  I’m not a Mama, but I am a Mommy.  Any female that takes care of living things is a Mommy.  I intend to play with my darling ferret, Steevee.  I wish Lydia were with me, but she was stolen in December.  I’m still waiting.  I’m going to cook a fried chicken dinner for my  Mama.  I hope she has a nice day.  She’s an old gal, but can be quite charming sometimes.

I also wish all children, young and old to accept their Mother’s attitudes this Sunday.  Are you at odds with your Mother.  Try writing this on your card:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I’m still upset,
How about you?

Check out my post on Thank Mother,  maybe you’ll get some ideas.

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Irving M. Bunim
Philippe Feldheim, inc. NY
c. 1966

“In sacred prayer when we commune with the Divine, there is no place to vent personal animosity, to seek the harm or destruction of specific personal enemies.  We can but ask that wickedness, evil in all its forms be removed, and toward this end let all who insist on embodying and personifying violence be destroyed.”  p.167

“…his sins that brought him misfortune will be forgiven; hence he will rise above his misfortune soon enough.”  p.170

“May there be no hope for the apostates; may all infidel heretics perish in an instant; may all Thy enemies be cut down soon.  Do Thou speedily uproot the dominion of arrogant evil, and crush, cast down and bring low all our enemies most soon, in our days.  Blessed art Thou, O Lord, who dost break enemies and bring low the arrogant.”  p. 166

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Isn’t it logical that you should not be helping yourself to something that doesn’t belong to you?  Always ask if you want something.  The one who owns “whatever” might let you have what you desire.  Sometimes things just aren’t available. That doesn’t mean you should take it on the sly when no one is looking.  That is wrong.  If “stealing” hasn’t happened to you, then consider yourself fortunate.  I have had many things stolen from me and it hurts.  I stole a few times when I was very young, but haven’t done any stealing in decades.  Giving away things that belong to family members is also stealing.  ALWAYS ASK!  Don’t take stuff from work or friends.  This is stealing.  ASK!  If you have stolen then make a mental list for yourself and somehow, some way, give it back.  The good Lord must find a way to return what you have stolen to its rightful owner.  Do it for him.  I have returned everything I ever stole in my life.  I feel free and clear.  STEALING IS WRONG.  How does God punish thieves?*  Did you know that what you steal is only temporary?  That’s right. It is never permanent.  What is stolen goes back to the owner, not to you.  Besides, I wouldn’t want to be a cripple.*  I wonder about thieves?  Is it worth the trouble?

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How does one thank a Mother?
Does one give her things, like flowers?
That might be nice.
Does one fill her ears with kind words?
That’s always nice.
Does one help her out, whether young or old?
That should stand for all people.
So how does one thank a Mother?
It is impossible to be complete.
One can thank the Almighty Creator for her
and his part in giving us life.
The best thanks we can give a Mother is to ask
the Supreme Being to watch over her like she
watches over us.
Most of all to love her for all Eternity.

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Time is an organizer.  Do not think in terms of time.  Time is not a life sentence.  Think of yourself as existing.  Existence is the key.  Look at the Flora and Fauna; they exist and live to their fullest.  Existence gives you fullness of life, not time.  We are hemmed in by time.  Time is there to help us organize, not to hinder with tension and anxiety, rushing around.  Schedules are great, if you need them.  Look at your “schedule” the day before, preferably in the evening, so your brain can program it for you overnight.  Try rushing around without time; simply perform your tasks as they come, as they occur.  You might not get there “on time”, but you’ll get there.  If it is important, you will “get there” “on time” naturally.  Every time you look at a clock or watch you age yourself., when you think in terms of time.  When you look at “time” think of it as the point in the day, the crossing of the sun across the sky as the Earth spins—-constantly existing.

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Baptism does not “save your soul”.  Baptism erases the sin that conceived you and enters you on an express trip to unknown heights if you are not sinned by another.  If you are sinned after birth or your trip slows down and the tears pour down your infant face.  God’s heaven slowly closes and you recede from him.

With maturity and proper focus one can come back slowly and painfully.  A pure heart is indeed the fuel towards a more perfect life.  Our faults, that of character, are not without mercy and compassion from the Almighty; he understands our lowly estate.  As long as you keep striving, as long as you persist, you will slowly come to perfection and rise towards those unknown heights and gain the rights of high thought and creation.

The Supreme Being is millions of years old.  There is a tiny comparison between his mind and ours, after all, he used to be where we are.  A sinless life is of the utmost importance and perfection of character is painfully tedious but not insurmountable.

Baptism does not give you a license to sin and commit crime.  “That’s O.K.,” I hear from people, “I’m baptized, my soul is safe.” Think again buddy!  The wicked shall perish!

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In the darkness of the sky
There is a light
I know not why
We’re covered with blight
Not worthy of a sigh
Purify your sight
You’ll see the black light in the white

Please tell them how
To stream towards the light
Let it be now
So their soul can take flight
To enter the darkness of light
To be home before they know
Let it be now
Before it is night

The darkness of light that shines so bright
Far from this light
Distant in its might
It is the site
Of that dark knight
The First, the Supreme of dark light

His goodness lies right
His people are in his light
Just like me in my Supreme’s light
The whiteness of this one’s truth
Like the darkness of the other one’s truth

Distant universe is older
This one, much younger
Both are wise and just
The Supremes, the Firsts, have a heart
That loves with no lust
In darkness there is white
In whiteness there is dark
Look, a familiar sight
Hearts torn asunder
“Come home dear dark ones!”
Go back now
Where you belong
Do not delay
Many a star for you awaits
Far, far away.

This a poem for the Black Race on Earth and in this Universe.  May you see your light before you close your eyes in death and race towards your Universe to live and prosper.

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