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Falling in Love: NOW WHAT?

When young people “fall in love” (and older ones), there should be question marks all around your person and feelings.  Why did I “fall in love”?  Who is this person?  When exactly did the feelings occur?   Was it instantaneous?  Did … Continue reading

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Citizenship-United States

QUESTIONS 1.)    Which president built his first bridge?| 2.)    Who was Abraham Lincoln? 3.)     Which president was nuts over jelly beans?        4.)     Which state is the coldest?     5.)     Which day has the most Jews? 6.)     Who was Harriet Tubman? … Continue reading

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  When sixty comes We hardly see What will come, Still so many needs. It’s time to say “Another decades flown by.” Let’s not cry Because time flies. Get down to brass tacks Before the heart attacks. We’ve got another … Continue reading

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