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So, howd it go today? If you don’t mind, ask me tomorrow. When are we leaving? As soon as that point in time arrives. Howr you feeling? Next time I take a bath I’ll take notes. Wherv you been? You … Continue reading

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Mankind used to live longer than he is today.  He was much healthier.  He ate the right amount and walked the right amount.  Moses lived to be 120.  Today we deal with sloth and gluttony, not to mention water and … Continue reading

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In Judaism it is customary to light a candle on Friday evenings eighteen minutes before sundown. Slowly the whole Earth lights up for a few hours as it spins. What a wonderful way of letting the Universe know there is life on … Continue reading

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Flaw means that the part that carries the flaw is more perfect than the flaw.  We all have character flaws which we must work on to bring ourselves closer to perfection. HUMAN FLAWS THAT CAN BE CORRECTED WITH OUR OWN … Continue reading

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