Man Hates To Love


Puny creatures crawling on a celestial body, alive from birth to death, serving no purpose to the Universe.  Groveling, selfish, greedy atoms of chemical combinations, causing chaos and catastrophe on a peaceful planet.  Perfection is beyond grasp.  Even if something is perfect it is imperfect because the recipient of its purpose is not perfect.

There is no real purpose in life.  Is our existence, then, substantial in sub-realms?  Death is life without the physical senses.  In death, spirit keeps passing through life endlessly influencing, manipulating, creating.  With each death man grows stronger, but weakens himself if talents and abilities remain unfulfilled.  Death has a purpose, to fulfill life.

Does life have a purpose?  Do each fulfill the other and continue in a vicious, unbroken circle?  Is man stuck in a cycle of endlessness?  Is there no escape?

Utopia is imperfect because it demands perfection from a creature that is incapable of complete perfection.

If God’s main purpose is creation and the Universe, of itself, creates and expands, then man can find fulfillment in creation.

Lust, avarice, sloth, greed, selfishness, drunkenness, gluttony destroy creation.

Perfection can be found in Love.  Why does man desire to live when he has found love?  Love, therefore, can be found in both death and life and is the main source of energy to maintain both realms.

Love is perfect in itself.  It is imperfect when manifested through man.  Love is perfect outside ourselves, not in ourselves.  Love is perfect when projected, imperfect when locked in the mind.  Is the purpose in life, then, to give life to love, to create love and let it grow?  Why, then, does man hate to love?  If love is the key to man’s mortal and immortal happiness, as Jesus so longingly taught, why does man keep suppressing a perfection and causing imperfection to rule his life and death?

Man has surrounded himself with mechanics and has ensconced himself in a social order that puts restrictions on his potential to achieve a higher realm of existence.  Generations must pass on before even slight changes occur.  Man prevents progress by his selfishness, jealousies, and hatred.

Creativity is often suppressed and restricted because it doesn’t contribute to ‘economic’ growth and man’s hunger for power.  Power can be found in truth, truth in love, love creates, creation is power.  Mozart found moments of perfection and died in his constant search for it.  In death he has achieved greater perfection in life for he has created love.

Let man grovel, he still has no purpose, no end.  He found this life-sustaining body, he will find another when he has destroyed this peaceful planet.

Civilizations have come and gone, but they still exist.

Man should not strive for money, power, or other worthless self-gains.  Man should strive for perfection, even though he can never be perfect, he can reach out and grasp it for a few moments within his puny existence.  Money and power should be but fallouts of that struggle.

A fat human can never be perfect, though perfectly fat does not mean an ideal human body.  Handicapped people can never be perfect.  Poor people can never be perfect.  Rich people can never be perfect.  We all can search for perfection and within the sphere of love, truth, and creativity grasp it during moments in our life and death.  It is easier to achieve perfection in death than in life.  In death one is released from the entrapments of ‘the dead’ life.

Life is not just a gift.  Life is a desire to search for the perfect in one’s own free will.  Before life one was a recipient of perfection and perfect.  In order to find the perfect, man must learn to give, because it is in giving that one receives.  That’s why the selfish and greedy are never fulfilled.

Pleasures to the body and the senses is good when it expands and helps the mind to grow.  Who is man to impose restrictions and claim them ‘evil’?  Music, dance, song, food, sex, are all good when utilized for growth.  All these are inhibitors if taken only with physical satisfaction.

Love creates.  Love is perfect. God creates. God’s perfection stems from the power of love.  When love achieves its moments of perfection within us, then harmony exists.  God encourages us to create, and he doesn’t just mean babies.  It is our duty to fulfill our abilities and talents.  When this duty is fulfilled God’s perfection exists within us.

May 01, 1991
Sonia Bukvic







About Sonja Bukvic

Single. I'm fascinated by the mind. I absolutely love humor. I have a B.A. in Enlish Literature from Fairfield University. When I found Word Press Free Blog I was excited and I'm so happy to share with you. I commune with the Creator and am allowed to share certain bits of enlightenment. You don't have to believe, but those with Faith, take it quietly and seriously.
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2 Responses to Man Hates To Love

  1. Glen says:

    Your passion seems endless, but why such a way.

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